September 3rd Thursday

  • I thought I posted this but cannot find it so sorry if this is a second posting and I don't realize it. This is my sketch for this months's, Sept., third Thursday. I have realized that I need to make some corrections such as moving the guy character to the other side and have him reaching for the marshmallow. Should I eliminate the female character or just move her to the other side? What do you think?
    Thanks for any feedback.0_1473639952990_BearsCampfire.jpg

  • For me, I am not really getting tension in this piece. Yes, the bear is there but it is not clear why he is attacking. Plus, the prompt is about Thomas reaching for something. Maybe if Thomas and the bear were both reaching for a bag of marshmallows at the same time? Just thoughts. I do like the subject matter, I think there are a lot of ways you could go with the camping theme.

  • Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments. I am working on a revision .

  • SVS OG

    Yeah, that would be funny if the bear was reaching around him for the marshmallows with a big smile on his face. Thomas could be just reacting to seeing the bears paw and the other character could really be freaked out because she can see what's going on behind him.

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