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    Hello, all! I thought I'd join the party and post my progress on this month's Third Thursday. I'm having a hard time choosing colors I like. Any thoughts?

    ac1.jpg ac2.jpg ac3.jpg

  • What do want the view to see first?

  • @Sarah-LuAnn

    This is tough. I don't have a strong preference, but if I had to choose, I'd go with the middle option.

    I really like its richness although it sent my mind thinking about colleges. I don't know if that's useful feedback or just evidence that my mind jumps around a lot. I do think the purple gets a little lost, compared to the greens in the other options.

    (I continue to love your style. The spiral texture of the turf is just great.)

  • SVS OG

    @Maile-McCarthy, Thanks! I guess any color scheme is claimed by some college somewhere, so it isn't really an unusual association, I guess. I wanted to give the idea that she belongs to some sort of organization with a uniform, which is kind of like a college? Haha.

    The middle option was actually my first one, I liked the idea of a more brass colored ship rather than the usual lead grey, but I couldn't find a color for the tentacles that I felt looked good with the overall scheme while still standing out enough to be seen. So overall I'm leaning toward the first. The nice thing about working in vectors (well, one of them) is that changing colors is really a snap.

    And of course there are countless combinations beyond the three shown, so if anyone has an idea for a different color/color scheme to try on one part or on the whole piece, I certainly can.

  • SVS OG

    I like the middle color scheme best! Not the normal colors, but they flow well together. The only concern is the brass color makes the ship look like it is made of wood. Great idea, and beautifully drawn!

  • I would personally have more contrasting colors for the main make here pop.

  • The top one works for me. The bottom two I don't see the tentacle all unless I'm searching for it. Great POV!

  • SVS OG

    Great image! For my eye i like the top image a tiny bit more - but they are all working - only thing that pops out that might need a slight tweak it there seems to be missing ground texture right below the hauberk between the characters legs - very successful image though - great work!

  • This is a great piece! You have such a neat style, I especially like the angle and the design, very cool.

    To make the viewer focus on Astrid first, I would make her colors stand out a bit more. The matching colors is a great idea, but with the ship so big, and Astrid the exact same colors, there isn't a lot directing the eye to find Astrid specifically. Let's say you go with the first one, but change something about her color. Maybe make her red just a bit stronger than the ship's red, or make one part of her uniform not match the ship - you could make the ridge on the helmet a brighter red, or even a different warm color altogether. It might even be neat if you had the ridge glow (like a spacey headlamp) or give her something on her that is emitting light, even just a couple little lights on her weapon or shoulders.

    Another way to focus on her would be to punch up the contrast on her. The light could be falling more strongly on her, and even catch a bright glint off her helmet.

    It's very good, I would just add something to Astrid to make her the undisputed focal-point. 🙂

  • I might be the only one on here that prefers the third one 🙂 but I am very partial to cool color palettes - so I am biased. But, I think the blues could also work really nice with the coppery metal idea as well and create less monochromatic feel then the third looks now. Also, Another thing I would suggest is that if you use the third as is, the tentacles could look really cool if you made them a warm color like red or salmon or even a pink fleshy color. Just some thoughts on the color. And I agree with a few other comments I have seen on here so far that you need to make Astrid pop out of the comp a little better - but I think this could be easily achieved with some added highlights and/or an increase in the saturation of the color. Another thing you could try is having a light on the ship somewhere that is shining on her - I would think in the upper left side of the ship, so you keep that strong diagonal direction you have so far. Anyways, hope some of that is helpful and I really love what you have so far! The textural sketch work is really unique and visually interesting and I love the composition and POV. Can't wait to see where this ends up!

  • SVS OG

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone! It will be helpful to have these as I finish off my image in the next few days. Everyone has been very thoughtful and helpful here, you are all awesome!

    Any other thoughts are still welcome by the way, if anyone wants to chime in with their two cents :-).

    Its great to have a community where people know what it is like to be critiqued, and let me know what is working along with what is not working--SO important. I was actually thinking about starting a discussion thread about critiquing (what to say, how to say it, what not to say, critique courtesy, etc.) just to get peoples thoughts on it. That way people could all be on the same page, because this is a huge part of what people do on this forum--but maybe that won't even be necessary, since everyone is doing such a great job at it. 🙂

  • Thats a great idea about a critique thread, Having some guidelines would help everyone with some protocols to follow.

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