3rd Thursday: My Astrid WIP so far...

  • Hello!

    This is my first go at the 3rd Thursday comp and i'd like to ask whether or not you guys think it's reading ok please? I'm open to any crits and changes as it's still super loose but would love to hear from you.


    Please bear in mind that it's super rough and i'm just tying to flesh out an idea.

    I'm so happy i stumbled across this site, It looks like a great place to improve! Thanks.

  • I feel that there is a disconnect between the idea, the prompt, and the illustration. Its definitely an interesting and unique take because we get to see a dog's perspective of going to the vet. But I wonder if the setting isn't right, I feel like it should be inside the vet's office and maybe Astrid managed to escape her cage and somewhere we see the vet spotting her getting out. My reasoning is with the current drawing Astrid already would know she's not alone because he's in a car and her owner would be there..

  • You're absolutley right, Samuel, and thank you! Something has been niggling at me about this picture and i think you nailed it. I'll toddle off back to the drawing board and have another crack. Thanks again for taking the time to have a look over 🙂

  • @AndrewCothill said:

    You're absolutley right, Samuel, and thank you! Something has been niggling at me about this picture and i think you nailed it. I'll toddle off back to the drawing board and have another crack. Thanks again for taking the time to have a look over 🙂

    I agree with Samuel's take. Your original also misses the soft spongy turf, as the sidewalk would be quite firm.

    I'll wait to see what you change before commenting more. Just want to throw in that from a style and composition perspective, I really like the legs/feet standing on the edge of the image. Feels very '50s animation. There's lots of really great stuff going on here (the diagonals of the sidewalk, the dog's gesture... ). This might not be the right illustration for this month's prompt, but it seems totally worth fleshing out just for fun.

  • SVS OG

    Very unique idea! I love the thought of a dog named Astrid! I would make the legs look more like they belonged to the vet. He wouldn't have her leash without her knowing, so removing the leash, and maybe giving him a lab coat could make it read a bit clearer.

    edit: just noticed the cone of shame...totally snorted 😛 that would definitely block her view of the man on the steps, but i think you should still remove the leash, or have it hooked to her kennel?

  • Sorry about the late reply; i've been going round in circles trying to make this concept work and it always feels forced somehow. Being brutally honest with myself, it feels more like i'm trying to be clever than tell a good story!

    I'm currently working on another idea so i'll try and get something posted up here, asap.

    Thanks again so much for the really kind comments and helpful crits.

  • SVS OG

    Andrew i love the piece.... i know what you mean by not wanting to be clever... i think it is ok to be clever though when you are telling a story... in "fine art" where a piece of visual art should read in the same way a poem reads and should not lead the viewer or listener to this or that conclusion i believe cleverness diminishes a piece and steers it away from whatever real art is ... but being clever and letting the viewer in on the joke that the protagonist does not yet see is part of the story telling the illustrator is supposed to do...do i sound like an idiot?... i guess my point is maybe don't fight your cleverness ... anyways your draftsmanship looks like you might really know what your doing - can't wait to see see the finished product!

  • That's so kind of you to say so, Kevin, Thanks!

    I really did try and try, and... if i'm honest, gave up with the dog idea. I decided on something relatively more simple but i'd love some crits if you've time?


    I know it's late in the competition to be starting but i'm going to try and get something together past a BW thumb!

    All the best 😃

  • ha, awesome. You are awesome artist, love your drawing, And even though your picture is very clever and I would love to see it finished, you are still walking a thin line as you are not capturing the whole assignment. I think the core idea is to capture uncertainty, cautiousness and feeling that somebody is watching. You are depicting a success and adventure.

  • Nice idea, nice twist on the prompt.

  • Thanks very much for saying so, Steve and Jiri!
    Also, Jiri, i agree with you on capturing the essence of the assignment. I keep missing it but it's certainly showing me where i need to improve. I'm currently trying to paint and draw as much as possible in an effort to be an illustrator. (I'm only 7 weeks in to 64week plan though xD).

    This is what i'm going with just to be able to hand something in;


    This forum and the people on i feels like a godsend as there's soooooo much i don't know.
    Like, say, the text for instance. I've put it on but it feels largely arbitrarily placed, I'd love to hear from anyone concerning all aspects of the image including the text. Knowledge sponge and all!!!

  • ...And here's where i ended up. I would've really loved more time on it but i'll know better for next month!


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