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    Well here is my Astrid. i think i may be finished. Any feedback before i send it off would be very appreciated. Thanks! Astrid.jpg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Hello Kevin, I would say, a view highlights here and there, on the craft and the character, than its finished for sure! NICE! like it a lot!

  • Very nice work!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Love it! You said this was one of your first times using Photoshop like this, or am I remembering correctly?

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    I like this a lot! I like how it really took a second look to see the wood creatures, but they're obvious once you see them.

    I feel like the saturated green is really drawing my eye away from Astrid, though. Maybe if the red was a bit brighter (or just some more definite highlights, like was mentioned) and the green a bit duller, then I'd be more sure of where to look. Just an idea.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Those creatures are so beautifully creepy. Very cool piece.

  • Not bad going at all, though the main character does not feel as though she is getting off the craft, but is more like floating near it. I think you need to image the connection. Also I have noticed you don't have much depth with your image. As objects get further away for use they become less saturated. Try and create a foreground (most contrast), Mid ground (main character, some contrast) and Background (minimum contrast).

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    Thank you all for your input - yes, this is officially my first try at a color painting in photoshop - i have done a few value drawings in photoshop and procreate - i have been watching Will since he was doing Folio Academy (which has some excellent Will Terry content) and followed him to SVS - so i have watched a LOT of videos but never risked failure until now 🙂 - So thanks go to Will, Jake and Lee!...and Jim...and all the other folks : ) - ...i will work on the the things you have all mentioned before i submit it - Thank you all again for your critiques and kind words!

  • Oh - just commented on your other post before I saw this one - so sorry for the late reply on the last! lol Anyways, I was just mentioning on your other post, that I actually liked how the pale creamy color of the mushrooms related to the similar color of the craft and I think that read a little better then the darker colors you have now - but that might just be personal preference. I think it helped to give some more contrast to the more murky feel of the rest of the painting. I like that you have upped the saturation of the red - I was actually thinking of suggesting that before - and also, I had thought with that - it would look cool if you popped up the contrast of the red berries on the tops of the critters. Looking at it now - I think that would definitely look cool. I have to agree with Sarah though - I do feel like the green is a little too saturated. I think even just a little shift to be less saturated would be enough to get rid of that effect. Overall though, I really love what you have done with this prompt! Everything I pointed out before is just minor tweaking things. I think your creature design is fantastic and I love how you have composed the whole scene and the figure. Really nice job!

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    Well here it is with some improvements - does Astrid look more grounded Steve?... i changed both of her arm position and hand placement - changed some lighting - desaturated here and there - ...... i have to turn it in tonight or tomorrow morning but i thought i would see if anything jumps out at folks as needing work - thank you all for your help - this has turned out much better than it otherwise would have because of your critiques - this is a great forum!14 copy.jpg

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    Sent it in : ) Good Luck everyone!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Well done Kevin! its just beautifully rendered, and the shapes, lights and shades interesting to watch!!

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    Thank you Leontine!

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