September 3rd Thursday

  • Hi folks,

    Decided to take the plunge and have some fun with this month's 3rd Thursday Topic.

    Here's a super rough sketch, which would technically be the second step of my process, all of my original thumbnails were done in pencil. In this sketch I wanted to capture the overall composition, as well as give myself some notes for possible lighting schemes.


  • Cleaned up the lines a little bit...


  • Pro SVS OG

    I love the styles and the characters look very well designed, but I am not sure I am understanding the story.... Is Thomas trying to reach the skateboard? What will happen before he reaches it? And where are the creatures living? I assume it is a kind of underground environment, maybe under a street? Adding some cues as to the whereabouts of the environment may help with the narrative.
    The style is however really unique and very interesting! Are you going to color it?

  • @smceccarelli thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, it'll be fully painted once it's done - and hopefully when I put the background details in you'll be able to see he's reaching into a storm drain for his skateboard. The blank space above the characters will have some indications of a suburban street, houses, trees, etc.

    The idea is that Thomas could almost reach it when, he realizes there's something else down in the sewers below.

  • Next little update, I've gone ahead and blocked in some flat, local colors and began throwing some shapes around for the top 10% of the frame.


  • @Rian-Trost I really like your concept and creatures. Perhaps trying some different compositions? Looking forward to seeing how you progress. 🙂

  • @Suzy-Heitz thanks for the feedback! I don't have a lot of practice with full illustrations, I've mainly focused my studies/development on Character Design - so I think there is a lot I have to learn about being more obvious and direct with my compositions. I think I'm going to power through this one so I at least have a finished piece, but if I have time I'll try a more dynamic composition for my next one.

    Here's another step forward in my process. I've added the first few passes of lighting. Lots of cleanup and refinement left, but I think it's slowly starting to have the intended mood.


  • @Rian-Trost I love this! Your colour choice is great and your characters are very endearing.

    I have a suggestion for the type - it would be so great if you drew/rendered the letters as buried bones! I think it would really tie the concept together nicely. Also the 'buried' stuff in that area now look like they're floating a bit, I suggest working on that a bit more to make them look like they're 'stuck' in the dirt.

    One final thought: the white balloons on the right draw my eye a bit too much (since they're so high contrast). I don't think they're as important as an element as the clown creatures faces so I'd take that contrast down a bunch.

    Can't wait to see the final 🙂

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