3rd Thursday September

  • hello
    this is my sketch for 3rd Thursday September
    1_1473064428694_svs sep.png 0_1473064428693_svs sep 2.png

    any suggestions or ideas

  • Nice sketch! You really captured the movement well and it reads easily. The one thing I would say is that I feel it is missing something... Another element of interest would be nice, perhaps in the bottom left corner as that seems to be the biggest empty space in the composition. Maybe a croc in the water? Or a monkey on a vine above him... Or both. Just an idea!

  • SVS OG

    @gvoona This looks really good - I think @Shams-Nelson makes a good point - it could be as simple a two crocodile eyes poking out of the pond and looking incredulously at the unfortunate Thomas - you could crop in a bit instead but i like the addition of a story element too - or not 🙂 it really is a nice drawing!

  • I love the perspective and the drama in this one. I agree with the others, I think it needs one more story element. Since the prompt says "Thomas could almost reach it" - I think I would like to know what he is trying to get to on that vine.

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