Sept. 3rd Thursday: Thomas

  • Hello all! I've been off the grid for a bit but am really working on concept and skill. Here is what I've been working on for this month. Sometime I get wild with concept then have a hard time narrowing down from the large list I've created. Also, I try to cram too much in. Learning to simplify is a challenge. Hopefully I can keep the paining clean and simple. Any way, here's what I've got. My goal it to take Jake's advice and just finish the darn thing! Feedback, comments, it's all good.

    0_1472917287585_Thomas copy.jpg

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    @Suzy-Heitz I think This looks really great! - i like the slow speed at which i discovered all that is going to befall Thomas - at first i did not see the danger and then i saw the alligator - that was it for a while - i was looking at the village thinking maybe there was a lot of unused space - then i started to see the little fellows with the spears - that is when i finally saw the trap he is about to step in - took a while to see everything but it might be a good thing - one thing i would possibly change would be the scale of all of the little guys with spears - if you make the one closest to us on the right much larger it will add depth by show he is very close to us and give us a quicker take on whats going on - one thing too is the size of the huts in the background - they look like they are in the distance but are large or human sized at least - is it the home of Thomas or is it the home of the little guys with spears - ..... the fellows with the spears look to me to be very small - possibly waist high to the monkey - so really just making them all larger with the one closest being the largest would really fix the scale problem of the huts too - really this is an excellent drawing - just giving my thoughts - really looking forward to seeing your progress on this 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks for the feedback, Kevin! I see that resizing would help. Yes, the huts are where Thomas' family lives. I was thinking the little guys try everything to capture Thomas. They're vegetarians and are obsessed with bananas! I'll see what I can do with the size of the littles and huts. (haven't figured out a name for them yet.)

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    @Suzy-Heitz If the huts are where Thomas lives then I think that they are good - Maybe showing Thomas's family there by the huts with more banana bunches - or maybe just more banana bunches - that might help show his ownership of the huts - might be too far away to make that work though...? I like your story 🙂

  • Here's a little adjustment.
    0_1472927860847_Thomas 2.0.jpg

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    I look forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

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    @Suzy-Heitz Suzy, I think the huts were better before i "helped" - i only thought they should be smaller because i thought they belonged to the fellows with the spears - since you explained that they belong to Thomas the monkey that the scale was fine... i was even thinking you could go a bit larger so you could show a few banana bunches and maybe the monkey family by the huts...i think the increased scale of the little people is good - i would go much further on the one closet to us just to have a look... .... i'll leave you alone now - hopefully someone else will chime in too 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil It's all good, Kevin. I really am getting used to working with Photoshop too so it's been a good challenge. I was also trying to figure out where to place the text so having made the huts smaller would allow that to work better. I'm still in edit mode so all this is really good. Thanks again with your feedback. It's a great help. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I like the smaller huts...adds a greater sense of distance...I'm assuming it's Thomas' village but now he just has to walk a little further.

    Reading your comments, I'm assuming the story is that Thomas is about to fall into a trap set by banana-mad little people who will then steal and eat the bananas. But I would never have known just from the picture that the reason they are setting a trap is because of the bananas - it could be any reason, eg that they want to catch Thomas to eat him, or they have a ritual to perform or whatever. So if you want to make it clear that they are banana-obsessed, perhaps you could design their clothing to show that - a banana symbol on their backs, tiny bananas in the headdress, yellow colouring - something to make that story link up (even if it's a second-read rather than a first-read thing). (or do something else to tell that part of the story)

    The other thing is I wonder if the crocodile is really necessary, and maybe he's confusing the picture. Is he about to pounce and eat Thomas once he falls in the trap? Is the crocodile part of the little people's plan, or is the crocodile just a bystander in the story? Assuming it's just a bystander, I'd remove it to make the story simpler/clearer.

    Lastly, the little person in the bottom-right corner looks like he is watching the village rather than Thomas...surely he would be watching Thomas and the trap, to see if it's going to work? That might help as well.

    Sorry if this is a lot of comments - it's a really imaginative piece with a lot of great stuff going on, and I'm sure it will turn out great!

  • @Dulcie So many good points to consider, Dulcie! Thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking about leaving in the crocodile and not too adding too much else as this is showing the tension of the page turn. It's what happens just before the page is turned as to build tension for the reader.... Now I have to decide what to do next!

  • Ugly baby phase. Some color testing

  • @Suzy-Heitz
    A little progress.

    0_1473172595779_Thomas 9.6.16.jpg

  • @Suzy-Heitz Progress is SO slow.
    0_1473263784190_Thomas 9.7.16.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @Suzy-Heitz Nice work. That background is beautiful I love the way the colors are mixing. Keep it up it's going to look great.

  • Looking really good!

  • @Suzy-Heitz
    Working through major growing pains.
    0_1473362379273_Thomas 9.8.16.jpg

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    This is looking fantastic. What medium are you using? Acrylic?

  • Pro SVS OG

    I love your composition, thank you for sharing!

  • @evilrobot Thanks so much! Yes, acrylic on paper. It is a medium I'm trying to master but it's mastering me at the moment. 😉

  • @Suzy-Heitz
    Trying to figure out the ground color.
    0_1473443971785_Thomas 9.9.16.jpg

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