September 3rd Thursday

  • My favrote is also the 4th one! Those shadows on the dragons head are very interesting.

  • I like #2 best, because the two most important parts - the boy's face and the dragon's eye - jump right out at you as clear, strong focal points. Love this one, can't wait to see the next step.

  • Thanks for all the feedback I really appreciate it.
    I might be done with this now. I'll have to look at it tomorrow. After a few hours my eyes just get too tired for me to be a good judge of anything. I have a hard time telling if my images are too dark are not. There's a huge difference between my Cintiq and my second monitor as far as brightness and contrast. So I try to balance it where it looks good on both but I'm never quite sure where I'm at with it. Feel free to comment if you see anything wonky I need to fix before I turn it in. Thanks. 0_1473405584600_presentation_w_logo.jpg

  • @evilrobot I love this piece - really nice! i'm thinking you want the monster to blend into the background - and maybe you don't want to go to dark - i think though that it would really look nice if there was more separation between the monster's back and the dungeons behind him - in procreate i selected that area on a new layer set to multiply - filled it with an bright orangey red and played with the color sliders until it looked right - i was surprised but to me the orangey red over the purple looked great - then played with opacity too - it deepened the shadows and added a bit of warmth without changing the mood - maybe play with the sliders in that area and see what you think - or not - it really is an awesome piece! - love your style

  • @evilrobot I love this! The dragon is so awesome and haha although it's so insignificant, my fav is prob the little skull LOL

    A couple of suggestions:

    • I think the frame you put around it with your URL and owl really take away from the piece. Is there a reason you added it? The owl especially is a major focal point when it shouldn't be.

    • You mentioned you think you might've went too dark with it. I actually think you haven't gone dark enough - and on the flip side of that, light enough either. You have a lot of midtone values going on - I'd really love to see some really dark darks, and brilliant lights (the fire could be much brighter and glowing, then having bright rim lighting on the kid, dog and elbow of the dragon - a bit on the gold too).

    • The dragon looks like he's looking just above the kid's head rather than slightly downwards, at the kid.

    BTW your composition is so great - I love the diagonals you have going on. I'm also really feeling your line work and texture.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking I already went too dark with it and you both think I should go, I'm going to give it some tweaks here and there when I get home. Looking at it now I can see that I need to make my terminator clearer on the dragon and I'll try to darken things up a bit to get a better separation between the dragon and background.

    Also I see the point about the brighter glow and the effect of the torch needing to be stronger...and to get that I'll definitely have to go a bit darker. I was thinking it looked a bit flat and too blue...maybe add a layer with some color variations and desaturate the background colors.

    I think with this one it's the style I'm going for getting in the way of the technical stuff. I have a system I go through to try and get the look I'm after. And it doesn't work well with this type of lighting.

    As far as the logo and the border.I'm trying to follow Lee White's advice about always presenting your art in a professional manner from his business class. If I was sending this out as a sample this is probably how I'd send it with my logo and info.

  • Yeah this is looking great! But to improve it, my first reaction was that both the monster and the background look like they have the same local colour, or really very similar - the monster only a touch more greeny. I think a very subtle colour shift on the monster would help - I like the fact that the piece is blueish overall, and has a consistent feel, but a few subtle variations would be nice. For example, his back spines look the same colour as his body, that's an easy one - could lighten those up very subtly like the front horns, and then that would draw the eye down the spine with all that lovely linework.

    I don't feel like you need to go any darker, personally - but the fire light might possibly cast a bit more warmth on the monster, you could work on that part a bit. But it's great and I really love the way you've lit the treasure - that is the perfect balance I think..both twinkly but partially in shade. Difficult to do but really works here 🙂

    Anyway just a few thoughts 🙂

  • This is the finished version I turned in. I'd like to thank the forum members for all their advice and crits. It really helped a lot and this may be the best thing I've ever done or at least sets a high bar for my future work to live up to. Thanks again.0_1473713675457_dragon's treasure.jpg

  • @evilrobot Very nice William!! This really turned out great!

  • Before you add it to your portfolio, you might want to heap some gold onto the arm of the dragon that is on the same level as the boy. I think he would have seen that arm... I should have said this sooner, this is a great piece. great job.