September 3rd Thursday

  • Here's the start of mine. Boy and his dog going after the monster's treasure while he's sleeping but he's not really asleep...not sure if it's really reading right yet. 0_1472795406959_WIP_1.jpg

  • I think the one eye closed and one eye a little open reads well with the monster sleeping/not really asleep. I also like your scale relationships between the characters. It's a good concept!

  • @evilrobot This is great! I feel like this is going to be awesome when you are done - great concept - great composition - only thing i can think of mentioning is i would love to see the head of the monster filling more of the right hand page - it looks good the way it is but i tried selecting the face of the monster and increasing the size and pulling it to the right a bit - this brought the peeking eye away from the gutter a bit too -might be worth looking at - or not 🙂 really looking forward to your finish on this!

  • Love the concept, and the composition - I agree that this looks like it will be a great finished piece. I also agree with @Kevin-Longueil about moving the eye a little further from the gutter, and thinking about it, if it were me I would try and push those size differences between Thomas and the monster even more, which would have the added bonus of moving the eye into a better place compositionally. I don't know if that makes sense, so maybe this will show what I mean - I just made Thomas and the dog smaller, cropped further out sideways and made the monster longer. It's just a suggestion though, feel free to ignore 🙂


  • Thank you very much. Great feedback from all. I like both the suggested changes. Moving the monster and reducing the boy and dog just makes the creature seem so much more menacing. It's definitely what the piece was missing:)

  • Maybe snarl a lip up a little to show he is getting mad. Like when you mess with a dog when they are half asleep she will start to growl and her lip will raise up a little .

  • Completed the line drawing for this. 0_1472888733759_Monsters_treasure_line_drawing.jpg

  • wow the finished line drawing looks really good!

  • I can't wait to see this finished. It's looking swell!

  • It´s looking great, it is going to be a hit when it is finished! It is already very appealing now in B&W. One minor point is the position of the monster body vs the environment. Is he in a pit? It looks like the front paws and head would be positioned differently if the body is resting lower and the front limbs are on a higher plane. But it´s nitpicking. I look forward to the finish!

  • Yep he's in a pit...and you are right...I didn't see it before but now that's all I see when I look at it. I think I can get away with moving and redrawing the paw just on the one side and make it look OK. Thanks for the catch and the feedback.

  • Well this is the lighting I'm going to try and pull off....don't know how to go about it but I'm jumping in. I want to have blue moonlight coming through a hole above and shining on the treasure and have the yellow torch light on the boy and dog.0_1473104195165_lighting-rough.jpg Trying to do two things I'm not good at 1- paint a night scene 2- paint an image with multiple light sources.

  • @evilrobot It's going to be great! I'm going to offer one thought, before you get started - that spotlight comes right down the centre of the image, the gutter area, and I think it kind cuts the image in half. Personally speaking I'd choose the torch as a single light source...but if you're going for two, perhaps the spotlight could come down at an angle, from left to right slightly (still spotlighting the treasure if that's what you want..) Just an idea though! 🙂

  • Wow, your line drawing looks amazing!

  • Thanks for the feedback Dulcie. Here's as far as I was able to get today. I'll have to look at it again tomorrow after work my eyes are shot right now. 0_1473122400794_wip_4.jpg

  • Wow I really love it!

    From sketch to lineart and coloring, all looks good to me. Maybe you can add shining or blinking on the gold coins, and the shining reflection of the coins on the monster's body. It will looks very nice!

    Can't wait to see it finished!
    Seeing process like this motivates me to draw too! Thanks!

  • I really like this but I am not in love with the detailed upper background. Unless this really goes dark, I think this will draw away from the actual action of the shot...

  • This is looking fantastic. You did a really great job giving the room depth but I am a little concerned about your perspective. You may want to set a horizon line and then build out from there. You should also decide if you're going to use 2 point or 3 point as some of your horizontal lines indicate that your scene is using both. I can't wait to see how this piece progresses.


  • Thanks for the feed back:) A lot of the background is going to be faded out or in shadow so I can get away with a bit in perspective and I'm fading the lines way out so they won't be so distracting in the background. (I wanted to leave some space back there in case I ever wanted to add text but I didn't want to leave it blank either) Anyway I was trying to work out a few different lighting scenarios. Any of these work? Thanks again for the comments and feedback. 0_1473353528139_monsters_treasure.jpg

  • I like the first!