SCBWI IL Prairie Writers and Illustrators Day with guest Giuseppe Castellano!!!

  • SVS OG

    Hi All,

    Registration for the SCBWI IL Prairie Writers and Illustrators Day on Nov 5th, 2016, just opened a few moments ago.

    One of the featured speakers - who will also be doing a break out session and some of the portfolio reviews is none other than Giuseppe Castellano!!! You know the guy who was recently promoted to Executive Art Director for Penguin Random house, is very big on Twitter and has amazing blog posts with info for the children's book illustration community.

    I am so excited to meet him at this event!

    I am also excited to hear from Don Tate - award winning author/illustrator who will also be presenting, doing break outs and portfolio reviews as well.

    And then Albert Whitman's Creative Director Jordan Kost will also be on the faculty for the event. She did a presentation at our local SCBWI monthly Illustrators meeting a few months back and was fantastic. Will be great to see her again as well.

    Event info and registration is here for those who may be interested:

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