September 3rd Thursday

  • Great work! I'd love to see a hint of where the 3rd and 4th legs are...assuming they must be exactly behind the first two...perhaps a hint of front paw with claws around the rock, or sometimes bears in that position have one paw outstretched to help them catch the fish? That could add to the gesture ...just a thought though - I realise you are done with the sketch now so might not want to change at this stage.

    Will be great to see the finished piece!

  • @Chip-Valecek Hey Chip this is looking good - i was going to try to describe how i thought you could squeeze four paws in on the rock by turning them out slightly and moving the back legs a bit backward but i could not explain it well - so i did a quick drawing of it instead - feel free to ignore though 🙂0_1473317904811_Chip's Bear.jpeg

  • Great feedback on the legs/paws. I will work them in. I didn't even think about but now when I look at it, it looks odd with out the other two.

  • Added the legs and some final effects, thoughts before I submit?


  • Beautiful! The texture on the bear is very nice! And his expression is very funny 🙂

  • @Chip-Valecek It's coming along quite nice.

  • Really awesome Chip! I really love scrolling through your process. The expressions of the bear and fish are so funny, and the water effect is nicely done too! 😃

  • I have one last have some lovely late-afternoon sunlight hitting the bear and the is possible that some of it could hit the mist/droplets rising from the waterfall...maybe a few little golden glints in the water's looking great though and I think it really works better with the outstretched front paw and back paws showing 🙂

  • love this idea! reminded me of the one time my fish was about to be stolen by a snake.

  • @Dulcie I had that same idea and had it in there. Then took it out 😞 I already submitted this version. I was also messing around with timeline in photoshop and animating the mist which looks pretty cool. Maybe i will post that on my website, need to adjust the speed a little on it.

    @bharris Thanks!

    @Naroth-Kean so many times I had a fish on my line at the last second it got free. What kind of snake was after your fish?