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    Finished up my new logo. Also put up my new website. Any feed back would be great. My Website0_1472283002266_300x300.jpg 0_1472283021580_Facebook-banner.jpg0_1472283503162_800x800-square.jpg

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    Nice work! It's great to put all your hard work together with a logo and website...I like the coordinating colours and texture in the logo with text, looks nice.

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    Your logo looks really nice - very much aligned with your style. I have taken a good look at your website (also because I have just reorganized mine for the 15th time...). Overall it looks really nice and professional. There are a few points you may want to consider or think about:

    • I see in your work the same issue I have in mine: the most recent work is the best and there is almost a jump in quality in the middle of your portfolio. There is nothing to be done about it - for me the conclusion was to plan now a number of new portfolio pieces to replace the older ones as soon as possible....
    • The navigation is a bit cumbersome. When you click on one of the images (or on one of the project menu items) you are viewing one of the items. The only way to move to the others is to go back to the overview or click on another project name. All consultations and portfolio reviews I have had strongly suggest to have horizontal navigation (I.e. When you look at one of the images you have a "next" and "previous" button to move to the others at the same level of navigation. That is the natural way 99% of the people view a portfolio. I am not sure I can explain properly - and of course I do not know which templates you are using, so maybe there are intrinsic limitations).
    • If you plan to use your website professionally, I would also set up a different e-mail address that has your name. This was like the number 1 repeated advice I got from my teachers at school: "use, promote and defend your name as your brand, do not use any other nicknames, aliases, etc...". I always thought my name is difficult to pronounce and spell and I had a nickname before (CoolVisualThings) on my website etc...Then they convinced me (basically the last teacher said he would not let me graduate if I did not change my website to my name...;-)) - and now I see that it was sound and good advice...Also maybe "evil robot" does not sound much like a childrenĀ“s illustrator...
      That is my two cents - but overall the site looks really good, loads fast and ticks all the boxes (clean presentation, up-to-date blog, easy to see how it is organized...and good work!)

  • Just to say,love the owlšŸ˜Š having one well drawn image is clever,because in a nano second travellers will know the quality of your work,and will link the owl to your name....logo

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