Astrid Snapshot

  • Here's mine, I think I'm nearly done... I admit I rushed the line art - this one was supposed to be my rough draft, but then I ran out of time. I'm taking this one as a chance to practice color and shadow, now that I've taken the SVS Working with Color and Color and Light classes. The camera dulled the colors a bit, but I didn't have time to scan it today -- I will when I'm done! (So ignore the tape on the edges, haha)

    Anyway, any feedback is always appreciated... even if I can't apply it at this stage. 🙂 (When I get better at Photoshop, I can touch up my watercolors...)


    Astrid watercolor small file.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I really like how the feet squish in! No doubt whatsoever that it is a spongy surface hehe. Love your colors and shapes. I would add some linework to the building if possible. It is close to the same color as the sky, and the mushrooms look like they are floating...but that is kind of cool too 🙂 Good luck!

  • @Carey-Bowden well done Carey! Its really nice!

  • @Lynn-Larson Thank you for your feedback! I will take another look at it, but I didn't want the tiny little bricky-details to show too strongly - they are inked, but only lightly. The mushrooms are growing on the rest of the ruins in the darkness, and since it's supposed to look reeeeaally dark down there, I faded the bricks out. Might need to darken it more...

    @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Thank you, glad you like it! 😃

  • SVS OG

    If your creature is glowing, maybe add a highlighted edge along the ruins? I keep trying to zoom in hehe. I love the feel of it, and certainly don't want you to change that!

  • Really cool idea - I love how you have drawn the mushrooms, and I really like the pale whites against the darker image. I did have some trouble reading the forms of the rest of the image - like I didn't realize that the mushrooms were attached to a building at first - I thought they were just sort of floating or coming out of dark water or something. But, regardless, they still look really interesting. You've also done a nice job on the figure and how her feet sink into the mushrooms looks great.

  • @Lynn-Larson Yes, that's a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't think I can add any more highlights down there at this stage. (When I get better at Photoshop, however...) I will post a scanned image so you can zoom in. 🙂

    @Jeszika-Lee Thank you! Yeah, I was going for "dark and murky" but not so sure I pulled it off... I suppose I can emphasize the bricks, but I didn't want too much extra detail. Let me know if you can see it better in the scan!

    Astrid small for web.jpg


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