Finished-Quick Painting Feedback

  • @Eric-Castleman, @natiwata and @evilrobot Thanks! Lines it is!

  • I love the lines! Great work

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    @bharris This looks great - "Take it further without" the line would be my feedback - to me the second image really has a lot more depth and life to it and it feels like the beginning of a really great painting - i think the line weight being uniform in the first image is having a flattening effect on the composition for me - i think if you decide to paint further you could just go a tiny bit further with detail everywhere, deepen and warm up the shadows and then add crisper detail to the places you would like our eyes to go ......easily said right - anyways - i love your work and feel free to ignore 🙂

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    It is a beautiful composition, and great sense of light! I agree with @Kevin-Longueil that the second version has more potential. The line version also looks very nice, but it seems a bit harsh for the subject matter. You would want a feeling of lightness and whimsy with this scene, and I think no line or subdued line (in a color matching the painting instead of black) may work better.

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    I think both versions are lovely, and the line version is really charming, but I agree that it does look a little flatter because the lines are the same weight, even though there is a lot of depth in the picture.

    Overall I’d choose to work on the second version without line (or with coloured lines) - the lighting really shines and it has a beautiful delicacy about it. I could see it as a beautiful portfolio piece. I guess it depends on how much time you have spare to invest in it…

  • @Kevin-Longueil I couldn't put my finger on it, but yes it does look more flat. Thanks for your feedback, I'll try it out!

    @smceccarelli Thank you! I agree, it felt off to me. I was painting a bit more loosely and I ended up liking the painting style more than the line work.

    @Dulcie I really like the term delicacy for this, really what I was going for! I think I will spend more time on it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • I think the color without the lines is the stronger piece. The lines tighten the image and detract from all the wonderful technique happening with the painting.

    If it were me, I would try developing and refining the color even more. Work on creating a distinct foreground, middle ground, and background. Obviously, add more detail to the characters. From there, if you still want line, then only add it as an accent in order to clarify the imagery, not to outline. If using line make sure that there is a variety of line weight.

  • I am just learning with everyone else here... I would take the illustration without the linework up to 600dpi and begin to put in detail. I would work harder for the detail on the people than the background. If you use linework, you might think about varying the line thickness...

  • @graphitedad Great idea! Thank you!

    @Russ-Van-Dine Thanks!

    After taking some advice, and I've been working on some of the details. I tried warming up the color a little. Still have the characters to go. I'd like to not have things be too soft, but I think the characters will tighten it up a bit more. I may loosen up the tall grasses painting a little more... Any thoughts?

    0_1472503973893_river teaparty 6.jpg

  • Done! Thanks all for the advice, I really like how this turned out!

    0_1473005115332_river teaparty final.jpg

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    This is a nice. It's a really cool Idea. You might try to darken the foreground up a bit It might make that light pop a bit better.

  • This really went somewhere! Great job! My only little thought would be to desaturate the background a little more, the darker would push the lighter even further forward and make your painting that much more readable and clear... I like this and would love to read a story about these kids in their teapot and cups. I also agree that the bottom corners could receive some deeper colors to chase your eye back to the bright center... Personally, I would make the dragon flies friendly and happy...if you leave them like this I would rather you just take them off and make the subject more about the kids...

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