September 3rd Thursday

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    Right, time to decide what to do this month! During the last critique session they really emphasised the importance of concept, so I spent a bit more time thinking of ideas this time. I'd like to run the concepts past you all, and see which one you like best!

    Having watched Lee's 3rd part of his business class, in the bit about presenting your work, he also suggests showing even rough sketches properly (eg with border, labelled, with notes), so a potential client/publisher finds it easy to make the pitch at the meeting. So I thought I'd practise that and present these a bit more neatly.

    Which idea do you think I should run with? Thoughts welcome!




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    I'm liking option #1 the best. Seems like an idea you could do a lot with.

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    @Dulcie I vote for Three - possibly with a the camera moved to the right and in a bit - closer to the cat and looking past to the doorway - camera could even be looking from behind the beakers and mortar and pestle with the foreground slightly blurred.... all of your drawings would turn out i'm sure but i think for me three seems the most interesting 🙂

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    I really like number 2. Number 1 is nice too, but I feel it is a lot more "obvious" than 2 from the point of view of the narrative. Number 3 I think raises too many unresolved questions: why is the cat a prisoner of the witch? How did it come into this situation and what is dangerous about it?
    All could yield beautiful paintings though!

  • I really like number 1 because I think it has the most tension in it, but they are all nice. Great work!

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    @evilrobot @Kevin-Longueil @smceccarelli @Katie-W Thank you all for your feedback, it's really helpful!

    @Kevin-Longueil I love that idea with the new camera angle! I'd been thinking that the sketch could be more dramatic somehow...that could be a way forward...I wanted to make a bit more of the various bottles and witchy bits... Thanks!

    @smceccarelli I agree that #1 is more obvious narrative-wise..and also about #3 raising extra questions. My idea is that this witch is so obnoxious that no-one will stay voluntarily, and Thomas will be in big trouble if he a) tries to escape, or b) overturns the potion brewing in the cauldron.... I guess that's not obvious from the picture though. Hmm. I could lighten up the story (eg have unchained Thomas trying to catch a dangling spider...) but I quite fancied doing something darker. Will have a think...

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    I like option 1... I would move the life ring buoy into the picture a bit so its whole so my eye stays in the picture (just a thought). Maybe you could half sink the boat to make it clearer that Thomas can't use it for safety, he really needs the ring buoy (if thats what its called?)

    Hope that helps. Love the idea 🙂

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    @Jason-Bowen Thank you very much for your thoughts! I am working on a revised sketch and will take those suggestions into consideration (I especially agree that the ship would be better half-sunk)

    So, it looks like #1 is the top choice....which is funny because my favourites were #2 and #3 😉
    But the SVS forum wisdom is usually right so I will run with #1.... BUT I might do a second picture too, even if just for portfolio reasons.

    With that in mind I've been re-working #3....taking out chain, key and witch, so it's just about a witch's cat trying to catch a spider. ..but that bubbling potion might not be great for him if he falls in! I tried to incorporate your suggestions @Kevin-Longueil, sketch C is where I'm at right now... (I am finished being neat with my sketches for the moment 😉


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    I like the new thumbnails. C looks great. I change my vote to that one.

  • I really like number 3. I can see so much fun lighting going into this and C for the re-working looks really good.

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    @Dulcie I like Thomas the Shipwrecked Sailor the best. It seems more dramatic and intense.

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    @evilrobot @bharris @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thanks very much for your feedback! Concepts #1 and #3 are now tied on three votes each, so I'll continue working on both of them.

    I've re-worked the sailor sketch and added value...haha I REALLY don't like my original sketch now I look back, but hopefully this one is better. Still not convinced about the way the legs and body attach to each other, but I'll have a think. Anyway here's the latest:


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    Hope you don't mind I did a draw over to make the body look more correct and I made the octopus a bit more dangerous looking to add more drama. I made thomas look at the life ring also. Hope it helps. 0_1472295213221_help.jpg

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    @Jason-Bowen Oh new perspectives are always really helpful! Thank you so much for the draw-over, I agree the body/legs are much better connected now. I also like the eye-gaze correction and where you moved the life ring to..much better I think. Thanks again! I'm working these into a new version 🙂

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    @Dulcie Awesome, looking forward to what you create 🙂

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    So I got most of the way through doing the amends, where it looks like this:


    But then I had a late-night idea for a different composition, did a sketch as follows and I wonder if this is actually a stronger version?


    So I think I will carry on doing this second's closer to the image in my head when I had the idea...but if this is a 'wrong' thing to do, do tell me 🙂

  • The new comp looks stronger to me. I like it!

  • Really like the new composition! Puts you more in the action I think. I can't wait to see how you progress 🙂

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    @Dulcie The new comp looks great!

  • I like the second one out of these two. It gives me a stronger emotional reaction. Anxiety, mainly as I'm terrified of things in the ocean! 🙂

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