Sept 3rd thursday entry..

  • SVS OG

    Ok so my head felt like it was turned on like a tap after the last 3rd thursday critiques. I used Lee's scales and put them all on full for my concept haha. Any thoughts? Have I taken it too far, will this kind of art sell? I certainly enjoyed painting like this... 0_1471990646075_caught you.jpg

  • I think it's a neat idea, and I like the camera angle. I would fade out the back and keep the color intensity on the jar with Thomas and the hand about to cap him off. Maybe soften the texture in the background too because right now my eye doesn't know what to focus on first. I do like the red backpack and the bright colors on Thomas. I want to see his face a little clearer - does he know what's happening yet? My two cents for what its worth.

  • SVS OG

    @Rebecca-Hirsch Thanks for your input. I thought about the details on the small guys face but in that style I had to limit my strokes and hint there is a face there. Something for me to think about though.

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