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    Hello All - Here is my Astrid so far - she will have a red jumpsuit on and the little creatures with the mossy grass on their backs will have a couple of little red flowers growing in their camouflage - i have not painted in photoshop yet except for my minimalist Ogre for the Jack in the Beanstalk (the gold egg was the color part 🙂 - so i feel a bit lost sadly even after all of the excellent videos i have watched! - So any critiques or advice are welcome - Thank you all in advance!

  • @Kevin-Longueil It is a great picture! Good luck with the photoshop, it just takes time and practice. I have been using it for about 9 months and learn something new all the time!

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    Thank you for the encouragement Thrace! - it looks like i did not load the image correctly - possibly too large - here is the low res. version Astrid so far .jpg

  • I like the mood you have created in your peice, though I would have Astrid looking slightly away from the creatures as though she has not spotted them.

  • Kevin, I first looked at Astrid then I noticed the little tree guys after this. So I'd say your composition is working really well. It's refreshing to see some dark value too - suits the mood and contrasts nicely with the spaceship.

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    Thank you for the feedback! - it is very helpful to hear what other folks see - i see now that i need to work on where she is looking - i feel she needs to be looking in that direction to send our eyes back to the creatures - but i need to change it a bit so thank you Steve - Rowan thank you for your comments too - you answered two of the worries i had about the piece -

  • I really love how you have drawn this so far! I love how filled in everything is - more 3d than a lot of children's illustrations which I really like! I think you have done a really nice job with the values and the composition as well. I think you will get the hang of adding color quickly 🙂 I am very new to digital painting myself, so I don't have any real expert advice to give - but I have found it helpful to go over the grey scale drawing with a new layer set to 'color' mode. It keeps the values the same as the layer beneath, but just adds the chroma to it. Then once you have everything blocked in color on that mode, add a new layer set to 'normal' mode and it is back to painting as usual except in color. Maybe you already knew this - so feel free to ignore me if it is not helpful - but I figured I would post it just in case it turned out to be helpful. Anyways, good luck! I really look forward to seeing this finished! 🙂

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    Thank you Jeszika - I am here for advise so thank you for yours - i don't think i would have a painting at all without the Color or Multiply layers : ) - here is where i am so far with it - i have not corrected where she is looking yet and the mushrooms are still white - it is hard to come up with colors for these little guys - they are supposed to be creatures that camouflage themselves but i we need to see them for the composition to work - anyways thank you again for your input! 5.jpg

  • Really loving this so far! Great idea and I really like your style and design. I actually like the creamy colors of the mushrooms - I think it is a nice accent to the more low key range of the rest of the image. It also is a nice repetition of the pale color of her craft.

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