Fantasy Egyptian/Arabic setting, Fresh Eyes Needed Please

  • I have spent too much time on this one I suppose. Even though I made it fairly large, I am having trouble working on the face. Anyone knows how to work on faces in a small space? Also, I feel like something is off.. I'm not sure yet.
    I am not sure what those two cups are, maybe some fantasy bubbling stuff, I will come back to those later. For now I'm leaving it here to come back to it again. I would appreciate some fresh eyes on this please.
    The second image is a bit cropped, just as an option.

  • One thing I find helpful when you are looking for a critique (because we really could go anywhere here) is to really specify who you are trying to paint like (which pro artists inspire you, are you using any reference, etc) and what is the end goal of this painting (it's pretty open ended at this point).

    1. if you don't have any pro artists that you're trying to paint like, get some. You will improve 1000% extremely quickly by studying the pros.
    2. if you aren't using any reference, get some. I'm assuming we are all amateurs here. Too many times I see my fellow amateurs simply try and "wing it" when trying to do an illustration because "hey, I know what X looks like." No, you don't. I'm not saying you have to be a slave to the reference but, for example, that lady's anatomy is a little off in places--do you have a reference model for that pose? What about those cups/mugs/whatevers?
    3. as far as the end goal: what is the purpose of this piece? Fine art? Illustrate some scene/concept? Knowing why you are painting what you are painting will help you figure out the lighting, colors, staging, etc.

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    I'm not sure what you're going for, but for basic advice I'd say since the sky is so bright, let that light reflect on her skin. Everything that's on the left would glow with light, even if she's in the shade. Also some light on her upper thigh. Before continuing, try drawing through on the legs before adding fabric. They're not reading right. Her expression is really good. Very relaxed and dreamy. I'm very drawn to her face.
    Don't give up!

  • @Washu Thanks so much for the reply and apologies for the delay. I am just so sick of this painting that I cannot seem to be able to give it another try. I actually came and read your replies but didn't want to even think about it. I guess all of a sudden I got my hopes to high or this image.

    I tried a million times with the legs and I did draw them MANY times but it still isn't reading. I've decided the best thing to do now is to focus on anatomy drawing (which I'm doing now) and come back after I've gained some skills.

    I am so glad you liked the expression though, at least some part of it is OK...

  • @mattramsey You are absolutely right, I totally went without any direction here. At first it was a night scene then it became this. I'll think of some direction and come back to it later. This went to my "Try again" list.

  • I'm half Nubian Egyptian, and the interior kinda reminded me of a traditional Nubian house. Not sure if that is what you were going for, but I thought I'd share that with you as it might give ya some inspiration/references:

    (google search for "nubian house")

    alt text

  • @Shams-Nelson YES! that's what I originally thought of, Egypt or Arabia in a past time, maybe the houses are made of stones or something. Thank you for sharing! Atleast I got that part right lol.

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    @Nazuba Find a reference image, and consider moving her legs around. I did a quick google image search and found this one, it's very similar. woman sitting A search for "woman sitting in dress" will give you lots of examples of fabric folds and their placement. alt text
    I'm sorry it's so frustrating for you. It has so much potential, but if it's not fun then it's "work." And we don't want that! lol ^_^

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