August 3rd Thurs

  • Here's where I'm at with the Wicked Witch. I don't know which one I'll end up going with. The top right one is kinda what I'm leaning towards because she's sorta mysterious. I still have to do sketches for the other 3 characters but I went to color on these because it was something relaxing to do. I'm moving tomorrow morning and that's been in the front of my mind all week so I hope to get back to sketching soon. Feedback is much appreciated!

    Also, I changed my user name on here to my real name. It used to be gimmehummus.


  • @Lydia-M I also like the top right. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your ideas. Good luck on the move. Thats never a fun thing.

  • I like the top right one, but I sort of love the idea of having a winged monkey wrapped around her shoulders too. I find winged monkeys are such an iconic character of Oz! Beatiful shape treatment and very nice rendering style! Looking forward to the other characters!

  • personally, I like the overall design of the bottom middle.

    In fact, i think it'd be really awesome to see more of the characters designed and colored in that style.

  • I'm torn between the top right and bottom middle too! The top right might be stronger though because of the pose. My husband thought that the one with the monkey was like a ghost that inhabits the flying monkeys? Makes them evil or something... He loves Dark Souls and horror movies so he has a different perspective I guess. I'll keep drawing the others later tonight if I'm not dead from moving and see how things go.

  • @Lydia-M I feel like these are all very good - the top right has a very solid silhouette and has nice details - the bottom middle does not have the same strong silhouette but it is pretty much perfect in my opinion - really nice work!

  • @Lydia-M
    so hard to choose they're all very good.. but I think the top right one would be my favourite

  • They are all fantastic. Love the lighting. I might be the only one, by my favorite is the one where shes hunched over in the giant hat. Perfect.

  • This is as far as I got when the deadline hit last week. Both Wicked Witch ideas are here. I was going to do a 4th character (per the requirement) but I'm getting all ADHD with it at this point. Gotta step away and do something else for a while.


  • very nice work!

  • Really lovely and creative approach. My favourite is little Toto in the backpack!

  • Thanks 🙂 I wish I had finished it on time.

  • @Lydia-M These are really nice Lydia! I can see huge improvements in your work and a great style showing through on each of these!

  • Thank you Rich. I see the improvement when I go back through my old stuff and it's a good feeling.