July 3rd Thursday : "Willie's Rescue"

  • This is my first 3rd Thursday submission, any feedback and advice on how to improve my piece will be greatly appreciated!
    Medium: Ink and Pencil


  • First off, I love your texture and the loose pen style. It reminds me of Quentin Blake's work, who I'm a big fan of. I will say I'm having a little trouble following the story of your piece. Is your Willie going to be rescued, or eaten? Looks like his rescuer might be carrying a ladle, but I'm not sure I'm reading that correctly. Welcome to 3rd Thursday's!

  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Thank you! I love QB's work as well. Yes Willie thinks he's getting 'rescued' from his tank, whereas the viewer is tipped off that he's actually going to end up in some dish.

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