Working on my value skills

  • Hi guys, I've been listening to Ty, Jake and Kevin's classes where they speak about values. The bell rang when listening to Ty Carter where he explains the value of the value. I've been paying attention to it and trying to work with it since then (yesterday)...still a long way to go. Anyways I spent a LONG time on this and I know it could be better. For now I am leaving this here, definitely will be coming back to it when my understanding grows. Anything you see that can be improved? Honestly I am so used to this image I cannot even look at it. So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Stage 1 :Values
    Value sketch

    Stage 2: Scared of adding colour, still figuring this part out.
    Stage 1

    Final For now
    Final for now

  • Really beautiful! I love your color, and you've done a great job creating interest with texture and shape! As you say it took a long time, but it will grow easier with practice, like in all things. 😃

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