July 3rd Thursday WIP

  • Got a pretty late start on this month's 3rd Thursday but hopefully it'll get done in time, here's what I've got so far,
    I'm not sure how well the story comes across.

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    This is a solid value sketch, drawing is nice and I like the lighting scheme with the rim light. I would check the composition a little - at the moment it looks a bit static - I think it is due to the two straight horizontal and vertical dividing the left and bottom part of the picture and the fact that the two centers of interest are on the same line.
    Story-wise, I believe you may want to add more story elements. At the moment there is only a makeshift tent and a forest. How did the boy get there? Where is the place? Why is he holding a feather? Is it a normal forest or a magical/alien/haunted forest? If you do not want to add elements you may play with the shape of the trees, his clothing, or shift the crop lower so that we can see the ground in front of him (which could help establish his position as well as offer space for story elements..
    Looking forward to seeing this evolve!

  • I like the camera angle you've chosen, and your values are good. It's cute that the bird is leading a rescue party. The boat could be less covered on the side and a little more central to the story. It seem like he is on a beach, or maybe a river bank, not fully clear, so maybe add the water or like @smceccarelli said more forest.

    Can't wait to see more!

  • @smceccarelli Thanks. You're right about the composition, I didn't notice the horizontal/vertical thing until you mentioned it.

    @bharris Thank you. It's good to hear that the bird leading the rescue party comes across, I'm trying to see how much story I can tell in a single image, so far it's proven quite difficult to find a way to hint at a story without getting too complex.

    Here is what I've got now, I still need to add a few things, like the boat, and I'm not sure on some of the colors yet.

  • I like the added mountain! I think taking out the tent was a good idea too. The colors and lighting are great!

  • @bharris Thanks.

    Cleaning it up now. I've added the boat back in along with some other additions and changes.
    I'm still not sure about the red, I might need to tone it down a little.

  • @Damien-Rambacher I personally like the red, it draws your eye to the two most important pieces of information immediately. Nicely done!

  • Almost finished now.
    @Rebecca-Hirsch Thanks, I think you're right.

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    @Damien-Rambacher I know its late in the game but if you removed the mountain in the middle behind the bird and the bird was just on the sky it would pop a lot more. Its a great style you have going on.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks, that does help a lot.

    I'm calling it finished.

  • I made some changes to the kid's face based on @Will-Terry's critique.

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    @Damien-Rambacher I think the changes look really nice! The arm looks good too. Only thing that pop out for me is it looks like he might be looking up above the bird - possibly lowering the pupil a bit would be worth trying - very nice painting!

  • Thanks, that eye is giving me so much trouble,I think it's the angle, no mater where I put the pupil it looks like he's looking away, but if I leave it out he just looks weird.

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    @Damien-Rambacher hope you don't mind i gave it a quick try - not sure it is better but i think i am on to something with the addition of the eyelid and only showing the top 2/3 of the iris - i added the mouth the give the sense that the head was rotated enough for us to be seeing the eye in this way - also changed the birds eye to be looking up a bit more i think that was compounding the feeling of the boy not looking at him - anyways feel free to ignore - i do really like this piece!0_1469579023372_Attachment-1-67.jpeg

    ......oh one other thing i tried was i moved the ridge of trees on the left a bit thinking it could help - i tried to aim the negative space between the tree trunks at the boy's eye and the birds eye... trying to make a line between the two..

  • Great work. It's nice to see all the effort in the progression of the piece. It turned out really nice.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks! That really helped, I like the idea with the trees as well.

    @Larissa-Brown-Marantz Thank you.


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