July 3rd Thursday WIP

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  • This post is deleted!

  • The mouse is stranded for months, remember? So should'nt there be signs of him living, eating or maybe he has made some arrangements for his eating? Can a broken boat stay that long in the water?
    To me, right now the mouse looks ready to go with his backpack and maybe surprised.
    Love the concept 🙂

    @russcript said in July 3rd Thursday WIP:

    So I decided to go with the second angle, I like the ambiguity caused by not seeing the cats face, which may make the (child) viewer ask questions about what's happening.

    but a couple of questions for you all:

    1 I'm not sure the mouse looks stranded enough: I need to think of a good way to add to the back story. maybe a wrecked boat in the background?

    2 should I add the caption to the image ? It's definably in the 'child's book' style so it might be appropriate, but I didn't plan on a place for it.

    any other critiques on style or composition welcome and appreciated. thanks!

    alt text

  • SVS OG

    The only thing that I feel could use some work i sthe clouds and maybe the sun. Maybe they need to be a bit more subdued? The rest looks great! Love the water too.

  • thanks for the input guys:

    @Nazuba - yes I thought about this, but I couldn't think of a lot of materials he has to work with, maybe a fishing pole and blanket roll would show that he has been surviving for a while.

    like @smceccarelli said , there's not much room to add stuff without getting crowed on the lily pad.

    I can see what you all mean about the clouds - I was kind of trying to imply an coming night/storm, but it does look a bit unfinished, I'll have to get some reference and work it a bit more.

  • Which of these compositions do you think is strongest? I tried to add to the story that the mouse has cobbled together a shelter from the wreckage of his boat. I also tried to subdue the clouds and sky a bit - and focus more attention on the mouse.

    1. I painted this first, and I feel most comfortable with it, probably because I spent a lot of time looking at it.
      alt text

    1. but then I thought it might be stronger to have the shelter lines pointing to the mouse instead of away, so I flipped it around. I'm not sure if it works or not, what do you think?
      alt text

  • any opinions or critiques before I submit this? I feel like the first one works the best for me; the second one I feel the sail competes with the mouse for attention, maybe I could tone it down.

  • SVS OG

    @russcript I vote for the first on too 🙂 Only thing critique-wise is the mountain touching the cat's face - that sharp line touching the cat's cheek is bringing the background forward i think - really nice painting!

  • @Kevin-Longueil thanks, I fixed that , and submitted my first entry. fingers crossed!