August 3rd Thursday

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    Hey all!

    Nervous as can be here. I think I have my Astrid illustration done, and I think I am going to submit it tonight, unless there are some glaring flaws. This is the first one I've done, so any feedback is welcome!

    Thanks bunches!

  • I really like your concept! The outboard engine's perspective seems off. What if you changed the color of the eye a little and try a different color other than black for the shadows. Just some suggestions. I like your dogs reaction!

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    I see what you mean! thank you for the feedback!

  • Wonderful drawing, I love it. The eye is the only major problem i can see.

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    The eye color was one of my biggest issues, trying to keep in the color scheme. Every color seemed to just scream that it didn't fit. Maybe i'll try to make it a bit more red, but it would be the only red in the pic, which is my dilemma lol

  • I would work on your background a little, just to round out your image as well. Keep going your doing well.

  • Great idea! I totally agree with Steve and Rob. You can add eyelids or eye socket to the monster to make it less popping.

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    I made some changes, changed the eye up a bit and cleaned up the left engine. I wanted the eye popping. My eyes would pop too if something just landed on my nose hehe. I submitted it, I was starting to mess it up while trying to make it better. Thank you all so much for the advice!

  • Good Luck!

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    Thanks Steve! Still nervous but really excited too. So many good pieces so far!

  • @Lynn-Larson Haha! Wonderful! I love your take on soft, spongy turf.

    On my computer, I had to scroll down to see the bottom image, so the whale was a complete surprise to me.

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    @Maile-McCarthy Lol! That's cool! Mission accomplished!

  • Really cool idea! 🙂 I love the sea monster theme! I was reading through your thread and saw some discussion on the eye looking out of place and thought that it was related to one of the things I noticed about your image. I see two different approaches to how you have styled the edges that (at least in my inexpert and untrained opinion lol) seem to conflict with each other. In most of the drawing - you have drawn the edge - like around the characters and the plane -- but in a few spots, you have not used any lines and instead just had two solid color edges jutting against each other like where the sky and water meet and where the sky and ice cliff meet and around the eye. I think this is esp jarring because the drawn edges are very soft and fuzzy. You haven't colored clean up to the edges and the colors sort of cross over the drawn lines and create a halo or cloud around the edges. The undrawn edges are the opposite though. My suggestion would be to try and unify those a little more. Either go back into the drawn line edges and clean them up and make them a much more hard transition - or go back to undrawn edges and soften them way down and add lines to delineate instead. These are just some thoughts I had, so please, feel free to disregard if it is not useful or helpful! I am in no way very knowledgeable about children's illustrations. Anyways, I really like the drawing and colors you have and love the concept! Good luck!

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    I can see what others are saying about the creatures eye popping. Right now it looks like you have a sphere sitting in a crater. It does not feel connected to the creature or like it has popped out in that surprised way. I think a good reference is the classic Tex Avery - Wolf that set somewhat of a standard for this type of action in animation.


    Perhaps if instead of keeping the eye a perfect sphere shape -if you were to mound it out like was done in this reference it may feel more dramatic and give the impact you were going for. And I would also try it without that heavy dark shadow underneath the eyeball - it really makes it feel like it is a separate object not something that is connected and bulging out.

    Hope this helps!

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    Ooh! Thanks Jezsika! I know exactly what you are talking about. I did go over/remove the lines, not even realizing what a difference it made! Something to be aware of on my next painting.

    Thank you too Rich! Heh, I love that cartoon too. The advice I have received from you all has been priceless! Even though I have sent it in, I may start reworking it regardless 🙂

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    Well, i did a bit of fine tuning, The eyeball was a complete pain, still not happy with it, but it is better. I think i made the socket too big. Adding lines along the cliff and along the beasts nose seem to have helped as well.

  • I think you doing better, but you could do with working the form of everything, round them out and make them pop.

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    @Steve-Young Everything should be more rounded?

  • @Lynn-Larson You go girl! You got some great feedback and it's turning out super!

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    Looking good! There is one thing that i might adjust a bit - the light source for every thing is at 12:00 except for Astrid who is lit from a much lower light source - i would shorten her shadow to be more in line with the little dog and the cool spaceship's shadow.

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