Including prompt text within entries

  • This may be more a question for the judges. Assuming entries depict the prompt visually, would entries be penalised if the prompt text is not included in the actual image? Personally, I love the universality of art that does not rely on language (like good photography) - but I want to make sure that's ok? I also feel our work will be more usable in a folio context if it does not have to include words.

  • Also wondering about this

  • Yes, that's absolutely okay. There is no penalty for including or excluding your prompt in the actual image. I have been following the critiques fro the 3rd Thursday challenges and a lot of people have included the actual text in writing and the judges have loved the very fact that they did (like in some "fortune cookie" challenge ). Others didn't have the prompt and that was okay too. As long as it goes with the context of your piece, you're set.

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