Rough Idea of August's Third Thursday

  • Here is my rough idea for this month's Third Thursday. I have never actually done a digital painting before so I'm shooting for this one being my first. I roughed out the idea in my sketchbook (my preferred method of working so far) will use this to work through the 10 step digital painting class. Any comments or critiques are welcomed and encouraged. Thanks in advance everyone!!


  • I think its a good drawing though a little empty. The alien is a little obvious.

  • Thank you for your critique Steve, you are absolutely right it does feel empty. I will play around with some of the other ideas I have and hopefully get this right.

  • nice start! I think even just playing with size and perspective can fill in some of the empty space - like if you make her a little bigger and have her silhouette cross over some of the other lines, then there would not be so much inactive negative space. Just some thoughts 🙂 I like the idea - she is in a creatures mouth right? lol I hope I am not imagining that! Also, I am kind of curious about her craft - right now it is making me think of a normal child's wagon with some enhancements 🙂 Anyways - nice start and good luck!

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