July 3rd Thursday

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    Right, here goes! Here is where I am so far for July 3rd Thursday...I decided that my theme this month would be a space scene, because I've never done one before and I'd like one for my portfolio.

    So here Willie is an astronaut that's stranded on a rocky moon...and finally he's being rescued, though not by the people he expected! Instead of humans, an alien breakdown service is attending him.

    I decided again to go with a two-spread solution so I didn't have to cram it all in one image. Any thoughts/critique welcome! (I realise I need to re-draw the alien in the last image, as his spaceship and his hands aren't right..)


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    @Dulcie Hi Dulcie - My only comment is that I wonder if the head/face of your alien looks a bit too much like your purple dragon character.

    This is not to say I don't like it.

    Just wonder if it is too similar if they were both to appear in the same portfolio?

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    @Dulcie Great idea, I like the top image and the image of the alien. For the spaceship landing I would just show it landing. Like having the engines pointing toward the moon with flames coming out and kicking up dust vs showing it in the air and then already landed. It may show more action that way.

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    @Rich-Green That is a really good point, thank you... I did notice the similarity when drawing but didn't act on it - I think my subconscious really wants to draw dragons, I have to try hard not to let them sneak into every image! 😉 I've re-designed the alien, hope it's better.

    @Chip-Valecek Thanks very much for the suggestions about having it landing and kicking up dust etc, great idea! I agree that it would show more action. I also still kinda want to show that the tiny speck on the first spread is actually a spaceship as it gets a bit closer..but I've changed the other one, so hopefully what I've done now incorporates what you meant.

    Any further ideas/thoughts welcome as always 🙂 Here's the updated version:


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    Nailed it! Looking forward to seeing it completed. I am also doing a multiple frame layout to convey the story. Question, with the prompt, do we need to stick with the the prompt word for word or do you think we can change it up a little as long as we stay on the same lines of the prompt?

  • Cute idea! Could you incorporate the idea of all three images into one by simply making the rescuing ship much closer and then showing the alien inside with that expression? That would mean you may have to zoom in a bit more and not show all the area that you have in your first scene... but keeping the most important elements like the crashed ship, the space food, and the tic tac toe game (what if there were several tic tac toe games that were all showing a tie for each one? he obviously has spent a bit of time on the planet and when you play a game of tic tac toe by yourself, you can never win)
    That way, you wouldn't have to add the second two panels and the idea would still read. Just a thought.

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    Nice work again. You are really nailing these. Love that you tell the story it's almost like a little comic book. Cool stuff.

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    @Chip-Valecek Thank you! Glad you approve of the revised version. Hmm, about the prompt, interesting question...my instinct is to include the exact wording when submitting, as that's what we're given ...nevertheless Will Terry said a month or so ago, that he was a big fan of bending the SVS prompt for our own needs, ie using it to do the work that you want to do, to create work that's right for your own portfolio.

    So for example, I think I'll submit this with the exact wording for 3rd Thurs but for my portfolio I might change it, because I think it's a bit optimistic for the astronaut to survive for several months in my picture..(maybe a few days or weeks would be more realistic)

    Sorry if that's a bit of a sitting on the fence answer! To be honest I think you could get away with it if it's a subtle change, not everyone puts the words on their entry anyway and Jake also said he wanted us to be imaginative in our response.. I can't imagine them not including your entry because of that... but it's your decision 🙂

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    @evilrobot Thank you! Really glad you like it and thanks for the encouraging words 🙂

    @Larissa-Brown-Marantz Thanks! I appreciate the ideas/suggestions. Yes you are totally right, I could fit it all into one image as you suggest. I guess I chose the multi-image version because I'm trying to slant my portfolio towards children's book work, where you're going to tell the story over many pages...so I'm asking myself, if this were a real children's book how would I approach it? But yes, I could definitely do that too.

  • First off... I will now have to think of something else because you basically drew what was in my head, lol!
    Second, it is done so well! I love everything about it! Great job. Now what shall I do instead...

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    @bdyanne Aww thanks, glad you like it! But if you want to do the same theme then go ahead..Even if you do the same idea it's sure to turn out differently just because of drawing style, etc. Of course it's great to think of many ideas to choose from....but feel free to do whatever 🙂

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    Okay, it’s been a while since I posted an update so here goes… I really nearly junked this whole thing, a couple of days ago…because I didn’t love it, I wasn’t enjoying working on it and I thought it would be no use for my portfolio style-wise as I’m trying to be consistent. So I got stuck into other sketches and paintings instead.

    But that little voice in my head said ‘well what are you going to do? Are you really not going to enter 3rd Thursday this month? I decided I’d be more annoyed if I didn’t finish it off. So I carried on with the second spread, and it clicked a bit better. After that I went back and re-jigged the first spread to match it.

    It’s not completely finished yet - I think I can do some more work on the last image with the alien..but at least I’ll be able to submit something.

    First spread:


    And the second:


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    I did a few little tweaks to the second spread...unless anyone has any suggestions about things I could/should fix, I'll submit it tomorrow...


  • Pro SVS OG

    It looks very nice, beautiful work! I especially like the first illustration - the texture, color and lighting is really well done, and the tic-tac-toe is a fun detail!
    Doing these series of three, like you did in the last submission is a really great idea, I need to start doing that too!
    The only small point I have is that I needed to look at the second illustration twice to understand it. At first I thought there were two alien ships coming and I was a little confused.
    But maybe it is me - it´s beatiful work altogether!

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    @smceccarelli Thank you both for your nice words and for the feedback! Glad you like it. I agree with you about the second page being not so clear, I wondered about that. If you had to think twice then I'm sure it could be done better. Maybe for my portfolio I should split that image into two pieces... Thanks again for your thoughts!

  • @Dulcie I like the tic-tac-toe in the moon dust.

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    @Dulcie Really great work. I too love the detail you put into that first image with the tic tac toe and the space food container really good story telling. Yeah that second page first image is confusing. You needed to ghost the ship coming towards us out and maybe have a few more instances of it as it's coming towards us like they use to do in the old Spiderman comics when he was shooting across the page. Really great work....hey, and stop trying to make us look bad by doing two full spreads every time...lol....0_1469116013320_spiderman ghosting.jpg

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    @evilrobot Thanks very much for the feedback! I agree about that second page, I'll have to try and fix it for my portfolio somehow. Thanks also for showing the example piece with spiderman, I wonder how that would work if I did it... Can I ask what you mean by 'ghosting' the ship across the page? I've not heard that expression before...

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    @Dulcie by ghosting I was just referring to how they faded the images a bit to show the path something was taking. Like in the image I included......it's probably not what it's called...lol...

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    Ah thanks for the explanation @evilrobot! That makes sense now 🙂

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