July 3rd Thursday

  • Wanted to get a jump on this one because I wanted to do something a little different. My thought is a comic sort of layout. Willie is a baby polar bear that is stranded on an ice berg. Then a pod of orca whales come along. Willie is scared cause he things he will be dinner, turns out they save him. Here is my rough sketch to get an idea of layout. The center three images would be one image broken into three frames. I sorta like that idea. Thoughts on overall idea or composition?0_1467173155883_sketch.jpg

  • Wanted to add that the second frame would be an underwater shot of the orcas swimming toward the ice berg.

  • Cleaned up layout and sketch. Next onto local colors. Any critiques before I dig deep into the paint?0_1467953208588_wip01.jpg

  • First off, I love that you're doing a comic! I also think this is pretty funny. Great idea to turn killer whales into helpful whales.

    As for the storytelling, your middle three panels are unnecessary. I say make it one big panel.

    One reason it doesn't quite work is I didn't get at first that it was the same image broken up in to three panels. Seeing them at first as three independent panels made it a little harder to follow the action. In panel two you have the whales moving right to left. Then in the very next panel they are facing the opposite direction, and it was a little jarring.

    But if you eliminate the panel borders you instantly get that they've surrounded the polar bear.

    Hope that helps!

  • @Jake-Parker Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to break it up but can see what you mean. Easy fix as that panel is already a separate PSD file.

  • Panel 2 is complete and working on the other 3 at the same time to make sure i stay consistent with the colors. 0_1468117849483_frame2.jpg

  • Here is the first panel. I hope to finish the other two this weekend. 0_1468502861385_frame1.jpg

  • @Chip-Valecek These are looking great your rendering skills are really coming along. The one thing I'd say is watch those edges on the mountains they are too crisp. They are farther back in space to you'll have the effect of the atmosphere blurring them a bit and shifting the color towards the sky color.

  • Here is panel 1 again this time added some clouds on top of the mountains and took them out of focus. 0_1468559115357_frame1.jpg

  • Here is the panel 3 completed. 0_1468559163811_frame3.jpg

  • Your rendering is fantastic. I like the textures you use. You might check your reference on the bears body. Also the Killer Whale on the left of the third piece, his heads shape, looks a bit different. Something about the eye I think it needs to be further back. Besides that I think these look wonderful. It actually feels cold. Good for you.

  • @Chris-Perry fixed up the whale a little and tweaked the body of the bear a little as well. Thanks for the second set of eyes. Here is the new panel for that: 0_1468783792507_frame3.jpg

    Also finished up the last panel. I will post the full spread later this evening once I step away from it and take a second look. 0_1468783844923_frame4.jpg

  • Here it is all put together, I will be submitting this tomorrow.


  • @Chip-Valecek This is fantastic. There is one more thing and it's and easy fix. If these are the same whales throughout the story I think the whales head on the left could have a more graceful slop... like the one on the right.

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