Recent Project: Fantasy Theme

  • Hi everyone! I'm Nazuba. I wasn't sure if anyone could see my post so I reposted it. Still getting the hang of this forum. I recently did a digital piece I thought I'd share. This is based on a fantasy theme. A girl one day just finds herself floating. Maybe she fell asleep and is dreaming? Who knows?
    I am not totally satisfied with the jellyfish though. Any tips on it would be lovely!




  • Hi there.
    It's a nice idea. I like the glowing aspect of the jellyfish. Here're my thoughts for you on this piece.
    Regarding the concept: Is she underwater or is she in space? How did she get there? How does she feel about floating? How does she feel about what she's seeing in front of her? I think having a commitment to some ideas about the story will help you nail down the image a little better.
    Regarding the technical aspects: The yellow marks that you have floating in space are very apparent as singular textural brush strokes to me... I like where you are going with the glowing yellow lights in the piece but what are these elements supposed to be? Smaller jellyfish? fish? plankton? particles?
    The far arm seems awkward. Maybe you could show her hand by bringing the arm up a bit more in the pose.
    I love the textures you've got going on in the piece. That is an element I'm also working on in my own style--- incorporating textures. I think you did a nice job with that. I also like your color scheme a lot.
    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Take what you want. Hope it is insigtful at the very least.
    Best,- Larissa

  • SVS OG

    @Nazuba Hello Nazuba - these look good! - for feedback i will say that her expression reads as being blank to me - it looks to me that she is the only thing in the foreground and that she is looking off into the distance - possibly bringing the jellyfish into the foreground and moving the girls eyes down and slightly together so she is looking at it might be good - may not be what you are after though - i think you will need more sharp edges on the jellyfish to bring it forward if you want it in the foreground - the yellow daubs of paints that have a soft edge are also helping to push the jellyfish into the background - so either bringing those yellow creatures forward a lot or maybe not overlapping the jelly fish with them would hep too - i guess my point is that if you bring the jellyfish forward it will give the girl something to look at and her expression will not seem blank.... should have just said that huh 🙂 .... anyways i like the painting and look forward to seeing more

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks a lot for the feedback!
    You know, all my photos from my childhood were expressionless. I don't know why! Up until 10 I would look around and would have no expression! Still I sometimes find myself like that still. Maybe that's what happened to this girl too...

    The line of sight IS all wrong lol I guess I sat on it for an entire day and lost vision. Need to take another go at this one. Totally agree with you.

    Thanks a lot!

  • @Larissa-Brown-Marantz I wanted to create a place that is neither space not underwater, but I guess the jellyfish and the kelp looking things emphasized the underwater environment. I will try again.

    I really appreciate your honest feedback!