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    Each image shot close up and two shots- bottom half and top half. I put it back together in photoshop.This gives me a huge beautiful file to work with.

    Sorry for bringing back this old post but @Lee-White , would you mind giving some tips about how you do this?
    Some of my paintings are A3 in size and I find it really hard to get 2 perfect shots to put together: colours and sizes change even if I do my best to take the photos in the same way.
    I use a Nikon 24 megapixels camera but I still find some parts of the pictures on the poor side. My original work is highly textured and I would like to keep that look as much as possible in my prints
    I'm good at editing in Photoshop but I still find the whole process really painful. I feel that my photos should be better in the first place so I don't have a huge amount of editing to do on Photoshop
    Do you have some special equipment to take your pictures? what do you recommend?

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    @audrey-dowling i have a small bit of experience in trying to get texture to show up in photographs - if you add an additional light your setup that shines light at a raking angle across your surface you can produce shadows and highlights in the texture which will show it off - worked for wood carvings and metal sculpture - should work for paintings too 🙂

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    Sure audrey, This is your lucky day because once you know how, its SUPER EASY!

    Steps are shown in the image below.

    Tip: If you don't have studio lighting set up, Wait and shoot the work on a sunny day outside (mid-day is perfect for color). I prop mine up on an easel. Get as far back as you can and zoom in as far as you can. This helps eliminate distortion around the outside.

    0_1474646639925_Shooting artwork 1.jpg

  • WHAT !!!!????
    I can't believe there's a tool for that and I didn't know about it!!!!! all that time wasted!
    Thank God I asked that question 😃 and thank you so much Lee, you've just changed my life! lol

  • oh, another question: what size are your files usually? (for A4 and A3 printing)

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    @audrey-dowling My pleasure! Glad it will be of use to you! : )

    One thing I need to add to that tutorial is that ALL LAYERS HAVE TO BE SELECTED for Auto-Align and Auto-Blend to work properly.

    My files end up being around 16x20 inches at 300 ppi. That way I can print 16x20 and smaller from that file.

  • @Jake-Parker I'll have to look into that printer. What paper do you use? I cant find it on our tools. could you give a link to the paper?

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    Awesome info! Thanks!

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    @Ben-Migliore the paper i use is Epson bright white watercolor paper. it's thick and has a beautiful texture. It prints wonderfully.

  • Thanks @Lee-White ! I'll be sure to check it out.

  • @Jake-Parker

    I am so glad I found this topic about printing your artwork for private sales, it gave me sleepless nights.

    Jake, thank your for sharing your equipment list! After a few days of research, I am thinking about trying printful or going straight for buying an Epson SureColor P600, which seems very similar to yours.
    Do you have a Rough idea how much money you spend per A4-ish and A3-ish print for ink and paper?

    All the very best and many thanks,

  • @audrey-dowling "Some of my paintings are A3 in size and I find it really hard to get 2 perfect shots to put together: colours and sizes change even if I do my best to take the photos in the same way."

    If you're having trouble with the colours being different in multiple shots then make sure you set your camera to RAW (Nikon NEF) and Adobe RGB colourspace (More colour range). Then you can set the white balance to whatever you want. If you shoot in jpeg, then the camera has auto settings for white balance and colour, built into the camera. Plus a jpeg off a camera is already compressed and a RAW photo is uncompressed.

  • @audrey-dowling Hi Audrey, nice to meet you, I know this is an old thread and I hope you've found a solution for your printing but just thought I'd suggest looking at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin. They make archival prints and although they are a little expensive the prints are really really good. They have a giant scanner too (I have heard but never used it) so it might save hassle with getting photos and if you get multiples they are cheaper too.
    I know a lot of people though who get prints done in any printing place that use epson inks (most seem to use an archival process without even advertising just because they're good printers) and it's much cheaper but it'd probably take a bit of looking around and trial and error!

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