Izzy the Octopus (June 3rd Thursday)

  • Hi SVS peers!

    I am sharing some of my sketches and color studies for the June 3rd Thursday. The prompt I decided on is:

    • "Izzy is the only octopus in her family who doesn't like to camouflage"

    The idea is that Izzy likes to be colorful and exposed, dressing herself in ocean plant life crowns and eccentric accessories scavenged from shipwrecks and buried treasure.

    I know that there are some brilliant creative brains among this forum, so please if you have any thoughts or critiques, please share 🙂

    Happy visual storytelling!

    0_1465352362518_sketches.jpg 1_1465351957375_octopus_character-study.jpg 0_1465351957375_octopi_thumbnails.jpg

  • The idea of contrasting colors is really good. The 4th color comp is my favorite. I didn't spot the predator silhouette in the background until my 3rd or 4th look.

    The predator could add a lot of story to the final piece. I envision some camouflaged octopus looking very worryingly at Izzy who is looking very proud and fashionable but has not yet spotted the shark swimming towards her from behind.

    It would give the octopus a reason to camouflage, but it sounds a bit complex. The camoflaged octopus would have to contrast a bit as well (maybe their white eyes could contrast).

    Great concept. I look forward to seeing it progress.

  • SVS OG

    @Cyd These are all really nice! The compositions all seem very solid and your color studies look great too - reminds me of Mary Blair's work (which if you have not heard of her you might check out...seriously awesome stuff)

  • @NickA I appreciate the thorough input, thank you!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Mary Blair is amazing, I'm a big fan of her concept work for Disney, especially Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. The fact my work reminds you of her is a compliment, thank you 🙂

  • SVS OG

    This is a cool idea. I think it might be nice to have the octopus dragging some of her tentacles behind her like they were a train on a ball gown. Also like the idea of the other octopus peeking out from cracks and stuff. I think as far as the color comps I really like the yellow and blue comp.

  • @evilrobot, I'll have to explore the idea of Izzy dragging her tentacles behind her like a ball gown. That's clever! Thank you for your input 🙂

  • 0_1466043029326_izzy_gown.png

    I played around with Izzy a bit and the illusion of a gown. I think it might be fun to put her in a classroom... maybe the class is called Camouflage 101, and she's off doing her own thing while the other students are learning camouflage.

  • Currently working on some ways that Izzy's classmates from "Camouflage 101" practice their hiding techniques:


  • This is such a cool idea. Looking forward to seeing it develop

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