3rd Thursday for June

  • Hi folks. I went with the following for my June prompt.

    Alice the Alpaca is the only high scoring pachyderm that doesn't care for Super sugary Energy Drinks.

    I decided to go with an idea after doing sketches. Sorry I didn't submit my ideas though I usually get a solid gut feeling about what I want to do.

    Though if you guys would be so kind to look at my piece and tell me in the comments if you see anything that isn't working for this piece, visually. That would be helpful. Thanks.

    alt text

  • SVS OG

    Nice idea. I don't think the hair is quite working at first glance I thought there was some kind of creature on his head. You may want to work on the composition a bit right now everything is pretty much centered. I'd move the controller, the character, and the can and use those three elements to get a good triangle composition so the eye bounces back and forth between those three things instead of just dead center. I did a quick paint over to see how it would look. It's still not perfect but I'd try to do something along this line. Also work the contrast in those three areas with the most contrast being in the face. 0_1464883087962_crit.jpg

  • I agree with @evilrobot on his suggestions. Everything is quite centered. And think of silhouette, too. It would be great to see if you could push the ideas of 'sugary drink' even further with the image on the can instead of using text to say 'super energy'. Like a sugar mountain or super buff animal exerting it's self. Just some thoughts.

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