June 4rd Thursday

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    Capon Crusader is the only Cockerel that doesn't care for Cackling Cornish Crooks

    Please give me some input.

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    Hi Chris, the line work looks good and the composition works. I am not sure I get the story, though - are these birds or robots? I see you made your own interpretation of Batman and the Joker, but I am not sure if these are bird-versions of Batman and Joker or robot-bird-Batman-Joker (which seems a little too many concepts to me) - but please be aware that my knowledge of idioms and pop culture is limited, so maybe I am not understanding the joke.
    Composition-wise, I would let the cape flow out of the frame - now it looks a little stunted. There is a good sense of movement anyhow, and the shapes and poses are fluid and convincing. Maybe only the back hand of bird-Joker needs some reworking.

  • pizza thief: rt leg upper is too long... I know this is the rough, but his shoes don't match. I almost think it might be more dramatic if CC was swinging in from the right and the crook was looking down and back at the pizza store guy...

    I try to work on my hands, for each illustration you only get two per person, sometimes it is only one... so take your time, find some awesome hands on pinterest to learn from... you only get so many per illustration so make them count.

    Love the idea!

  • Hi Chris! What I got first when I saw your sketch was the high dynamics in it. This is really awesome. Whatever you will change in the next steps, you should really keep that dynamics in it. 🙂
    About the composition. I really like the S-shape being formed by the two main characters. Have you tried to mirror the whole thing? Because images are read from left to right this might bring even more excitement for the viewer being confronted with the guys instead of going with them. Just an idea, I don't know if this would work.
    About the characters. I guess I have the same problem as @smceccarelli, not knowing what the robo style means. Maybe it is just your sketching style, to use more blocky elements being refined later? I like the bird idea and the batman theme though. 🙂
    I also see that the right leg of the Joker bird is too long but when one sees it as a whole composition it even works for me. It has a special asthetics. 🙂
    Looking forward to see the next steps, especially how you will treat the lines.

  • @smceccarelli Thanks for the response. These are chickens. I tend to do punny things with chickens. The squared of look is just something I do so they are not robots. I like the idea of the cape flowing off the page. Good point reworking the hand on Yolkers left side. Thanks for the input.

  • @Russ-Van-Dine I see what you mean about the shoes. The leg is a bit long so thank you for pointing that out. Thank you for your points.

  • @Jana Thank you Jana. Yes the blockey style is something that I do. I will take this into Photoshop and test what happens when I switch the direction. Thank you for the perspective on the leg as well. I was hoping that it read with a bit of squash and stretch... but maybe it doesn't. Thank you I will check on this and re-post.

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