June 3rd Thursday - Little Luther is the only one...

  • Hey everyone! After a long break in submitting for 3rd Thursday, I decided to join again this time. I made a pencil sketch and tried already some colors. What do you think? I am not 100% happy with the color palette. I hope that light and shadow will make it more appealing. Maybe you have ideas for improvement? Thanks in advance.
    0_1463916170012_Color study.jpg

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    @Jana Hey Jana - Great to see you back posting - i like your drawing for sure but i think it needs alliteration - so something like "Little Luther is the only lad who doesn't care for licorice lollypops" would be alliteration... i'm sure you know what alliteration is 🙂 but i think it is important for this month's prompt

  • @Jana wonderful interpretation! I love your choice of hiding their faces.

    @Kevin-Longueil ...hmmm...I don't see where it says "MUST use alliteration" in the directions for this month's prompt. And yes, the example image for the challenge does use it. Perhaps you are suggesting that using alliteration for this image in particular would benefit?

  • Hey @Kevin-Longueil and @Nancy-Gormezano ! Thanks for your feedback. 🙂
    I had the same idea as you, Nancy, that the example used an alliteration, but that it is not a must. I was checking the description of the prompt, but could not find a hint about it. Maybe @Will-Terry, @Jake-Parker or @Lee-White can help us with this? 🙂
    If it should be alliteration, I have to scratch my head to bring out my best English. 😉

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    I've only watched this last 3rd Thurs once but I remember Will Terry being asked whether alliteration was a must, and he said no it wasn't necessary, he was just going over the top with words because he wanted to. So I think we can fill the spaces however we want.

    He also said that he was a big fan of bending the prompt to whatever might work for us personally as artists, so that we can make good portfolio pieces.

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    @Nancy-Gormezano @Dulcie You are right - alliteration is not required - Will answers this question @ 1:38:01 in the video - @Jana - sorry about that

  • Thanks @Dulcie and @Kevin-Longueil for the additional information. Good to know. 🙂

  • I think I would like to see a little angle, the background is straight as a ruler and doesn't add much interest... also, is Luther a known person? I just didn't get the humor of it... love the pudgy bodies and the hands...

  • Thanks @Russ-Van-Dine for your Feedback! 🙂 No, Luther is not a known person. I was just looking for a name with L. I have chosen the straight background on purpose, to build a constrast to the curvy lines of the kids in the forground. In my opinion curvy lines in the background would be too much. I like simple compositions for kids illustrations. I guess they will not mind if the perspective is not fancy. 😉 Although I agree that for some purposes interesting perspectives can be important.
    To add an interactive and communicative component I added three birds (they are still in the sketchy phase right now), wondering why Little Luther is ignoring the ice cream: Maybe he didn't see it?
    What do you think? Does it work?
    0_1464194527300_Step 4 SVS.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I like that Luther is choosing The New York Times over ice cream 🙂 Very cute.

  • @Jana Yes I do get the thought, and I like your explanation of your line choices in the background... I recently made a school room way out of kilter to emphasize the craziness of what was going on in the picture... good call. Maybe he could be peeking over the top and seeing the ice cream for the first time as the other kids gobble theirs down... I look forward to seeing this one come together... I am still not sure what I will do. I am thinking of getting to draw something I want to draw and then fit it into the assignment. I want to draw a dragon... so maybe I can get it in...

  • Hey everybody! Here another step forward. I added some texture (which you might not see clear enough because of the compression), light and shadow and I added some contrast to the colors. Maybe it is too dark now?
    @Russ-Van-Dine Your idea of the kid peeking brought me to the idea to let the blond girl peek in the direction of Luther, wondering what is wrong with him. 😉 I will work on that tomorrow. The colors of the birds are also not decided yet...
    Any ideas and comments are highly appreciated. 🙂0_1464381976883_Step 6 SVS.jpg

  • Forget to say: There are many things more to be done, as the strawberry sauce and the newspaper... almost the main players herein. 🙂

  • It seems a little disjointed. Perhaps having the paper overlap the bench to bring some unity. Cute figures. The colors are all the same tone. Need maybe a dark background or something to bring focus. I assume since the boy Luther is the focus bring him closer to the bench and make the bench a darker tone so the lightest color is in the paper.

  • @Chris-Perry Great ideas, Chris, thanks for the comments. 🙂
    I will definitely work on that.

  • I like to play with saturated colors next to unsaturated... dull color next to bright color of the subject. The paper could be more white to draw your attention there, but I don't like it hanging off the page..

  • Pro SVS OG

    I think it is a good idea and the image works with its simplicity and graphical traits. However, I must admit that I am more than a little disturbed by not seeing the faces. This gives me a creepy feeling, like something is going on behind my back. But maybe it's only me!

  • Hi @Chris-Perry, @Russ-Van-Dine and @smceccarelli ! Thanks a lot for your very helpful comments. While watching the Champions league final (soccer) tonight I worked on this piece and tried to improve the weak points. A lot of work still has to be done.
    Any improvement from your point of view?
    For the sake of color contrast I changed the vanilla into cholocate ice cream. 🙂
    0_1464473242739_Step 9 SVS.jpg

  • @Jana The changes look great. Definately easier to look at with the muted background color. The bench and overlapping paper unifies it. Great job.

    Could you give my piece a look and give me some thoughts.


  • I like the changes, the bright colors really liven it up.

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