June 3rd Thursday

  • So I decided to get on with next 3rd Thursday early, because I seem to do better those months, with a few extra days to do the planning.

    At first when I heard the prompt I thought ‘oh no…there’s hardly anything to go on’…but after thinking about it a lot I changed my mind, because it’s like writing your own story, and that was fun.

    So I have four ideas to run past you all…would be great to know which one you think I should run with.

    Ellie is the only mermaid that doesn’t care for sitting around and brushing her hair all day. She wants to read books.

    Albert is the only sheep in the field that doesn’t care for eating grass.

    Eric is the only kid in the class who doesn’t care for sports.

    Max is the only T-Rex in the forest that doesn’t care for meat. His favourite food is….BROCCOLI!

  • I really like the mermaid and T-Rex one!

  • All are interesting, but the "runner" one could benefit from showing Eric doing something like "running in opposite direction of the others" or "looking up at clouds" or " stopping & inspecting something like a penny/flower/frog etc on the field", "playing with cell phone", etc?

    Conceptually I like the Trex, mermaid ideas as is. Sheep one intrigues me - But might benefit from showing just what sheep likes to do except for eating grass (eg makes a salad?, knits a sweater?)

  • Trex and the mermaid!

  • I love the T-rex idea! I think you could develop it further though it could be a really funny scene if spun a few different ways maybe even involving a few more characters.

  • The T Rex and the mermaid are the 2 that stand out as clear stories just from the thumbnails for me... the others are a bit more ambiguous to the immediate meaning. They would probably need more text to describe the concepts than the T Rex and the Mermaid ideas.

  • @Nancy-Gormezano Thanks very much for your thoughts! I agree with you that the runner one could be done in a more interesting way. To be honest I wasn't very inspired by that one compared to the others and based on what you've all said I'll take forward the T-Rex and mermaid concepts...

    @A-TEJ @Russ-Van-Dine @evilrobot @Christine-Garner Thank you very much for letting me know what you think - I will take your advice and go with both the mermaid and T-Rex ones. @evilrobot Glad you like the idea, I will definitely brainstorm several versions and see what happens 🙂

  • I like the t-rex version as well. Maybe a tiny t-rex with a large broccoli stalk? That would be cute.

  • I like that @Chip-Valecek ...I'm leaning towards the idea of him being a baby T-Rex within a family, with brothers and sisters all very carnivorous..

  • I like the T-Rex and the sheep ideas. The composition already looks focused on the sheep and the T-Rex is cute.

    Chris P

  • The sheep is my fave...:)

  • maybe do the sheep one just like it is and then add a pizza delivery guy in the background...

  • @Russ-Van-Dine Funny idea. I like it.

  • I think the idea of a T-Rex eating broccoli is hilarious!

  • @Chris-Perry @Carrie Thanks for your thoughts - it's good to have some votes for the sheep one! Though I've already committed to doing both the T-Rex and mermaid ones...perhaps I'll be able to revisit the sheep one later. @Russ-Van-Dine I love the idea of having a pizza delivery guy!

    Okay, so here's where I'm at with both pieces...not as far as I'd like, because I've been agonising over 'what is my style', 'what's my process' (again) and doing some experimenting...hopefully I'll be able to work that into these final pieces once I've got the composition done.

    Mermaid - did a few different ideas but here are my two favourites..almost mirror images of each other. I tried some others but kept coming back to this format. Not sure which to go ahead with.. the first was my favourite, but am I biased because it's based on my first sketch? Hmm. The second one is growing on me.



    The T-Rex one is going to be tricky...fun but tricky. I don't like these as compositions so far, but at the moment I'm trying to work out how to tell the story. My first idea, was to contrast Max's carnivorous brothers and sisters being offered a steak, while Max is holding his massive broccoli:


    I think this is fun but flawed - because the text will read 'Max was the only T-Rex in the forest who didn't care for meat. His favourite food was....broccoli!' - so it's all about Max, but the first T-Rexes you see aren't Max at all. Personally I'm thinking that this is the 'introduction' moment where we meet Max, so the focus should be on him. So not sure how to make this one work better (suggestions welcome!)

    So I thought maybe it would be better to show Max being disgusted by the steak being offered by his mum, and having a 'Yuck! moment - then going into dino hunt mode...but for broccoli!


    I like this concept better in terms of expressing the text (though it's a shame to lose the brothers and sisters...) but the composition/making it look nice is proving tricky. Do I keep it simple, or can I make it better? Again, I'm not sure. Maybe if I did some more sketches I could combine elements of both...

    Also, a couple of character sketches for Max:



  • I love the image where he's attacking the broccoli and refusing the steak both are very nice.

  • who taught you how to draw a trex?

  • How about using the depth of the image? You could show the meat-eating T-Rex-s in the background and have Max in the foreground as you have drawn it, with the giant broccoli (which I think looks really fun!).

  • @Russ-Van-Dine ..not sure if you want a serious answer but I haven’t had any specific dino drawing training (am waiting for Jake’s course like you!)…maybe drawing dragons for fun doesn’t hurt 🙂

    @evilrobot Thanks for your thoughts, that's helpful - at the moment I'm taking forward that sketch..

    @smceccarelli Thanks for the idea! I've tried to work a couple more little dinos in, not sure if it's exactly where you suggested but I think it's a bit more fun to have them in, here's the latest sketch with a little value:


  • The T-Rex idea is fun, and I don't think you'll to actually put the words 'Broccoli' anywhere in the text or image if you can show him eating it. One thing more than one speaker at the SCBWI conference talked about was the idea of "show don't tell." Often, a lot of words can be cut from a manuscript because with pictures, some of the text becomes redundant.

    The image that comes to mind for me is a few of the T-Rexes sitting around on one side of the image chowing down on a carcass, looking puzzled at their sibbling who is off with a mouthful of broccoli . Maybe as a reverse to what's been suggested, they are all eating messily and he has little broccoli sprouts he's nibbling on or eating daintily.

    It will be fun to see where you land on this one!

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