• Hi, my name is Kathy Jurek and I live in Omaha, NE. I'm very happy to be a member of SVS to learn and connect with you who are also aspiring children's book illustrators!

    I was accepted into RISD and Mass College of Art way back in 1986 but I didn't get a lot of support at home so I chose a different route. In the mid 90s I started working on fine art again and really focused on watercolor portraiture but I felt a desire to do more commercial work too so I took an online children's illustration class with Mark Mitchell around 2009 and that is how I eventually heard of Will and I have watched SVS grow. It has been a challenge to switch from fine art to illustration but I think I'm slowly getting it. Two years ago I finished my BA in Graphic Design and things fell into place for me to actually start illustrating.

    My business has been growing and I'm working on 3 children's books right now for authors who are self publishing. Though I am curious about painting digitally with watercolor and actually illustrated my first children's book in Photoshop, I work in traditional watercolor because that is where I have the most experience and I haven't figured out a digital watercolor look that I like...yet!


  • Hi Kathy! Small world I'm from the Big O myself! I hope you find these classes helpful I know I have. Not sure if you are interested but I've put together a meetup in Omaha for digital artists like ourselves if you are ever interested in coming out and seeing what's happening.



  • @Ben-Rudnicki Hi Ben, I will put it on my calendar! Thanks for the invitation. 😉

  • Welcome, and good luck.

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