My May 3rd Thursday Redo

  • I have finished my redo and would love any advice for improvement. Thanks!!!!!!!

  • @HeyThrace - your post is gone but i do remember it enough i think 🙂 - it was hard for me to see what was in the speech bubbles though - could you upload a larger image maybe 1100 pixels tall? I thought your last painting was good too - it was just harder to interpret - this looks like it has a nice flow and composition and a more cheerful take on the fortune (not that that is a requirement) - i'll have a better look if you upload it again 🙂

  • @Thrace I think this is a better composition than the last painting though the last one had lots of good things going on too - it does have a nice flow to it with a circular composition - the things that pop out to me have to do with the values - i am not the best at this but it seems like the tree on the right and the grass behind it are very near in value - i think slightly lightening the grass might be good - the place where the path meets the tree above the speech bubble that says "at least you are trying" seems like a very high contrast spot and pulls the eye to it - i think reducing the contrast there might be good - the next thing i'm not quite sure of - the white speech bubbles....are they too white...i don't know - anyways - glad you reposted - looking forward to seeing the finish (though it looks finished now) and good luck Thursday!

  • @Kevin-Longueil thanks I will work on all of that tomorrow! Do u like the speech bubbles or should I take them out?

  • @Thrace I thought about what it is about the speech bubbles that was distracting me because speech bubbles are not distracting in general - i think it is the black shadow that mirrors the shape of each speech bubble - i think i would try it without the black shadows and see if it works better - i would vote to leave the dialogue though - it seems to be an important part of the whole setup of the image - i do keep trying to figure out what book is on that tablet - is that a Caldecott seal 🙂

  • I think I am finished. Thanks for your help, Kevin!! The book on the iPad says: You will miss 100% of the shots you never take - Let's Play Golf!

  • @Thrace Great job Thrace!

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