May 3rd Thursday - Fortune Cookie

  • I have just discovered this site and thought I might join in on the 3rd Thursday fun. Here is an illustration I did for the fortune cookie challenge, and I wouldn't mind some feedback. If anyone has some constructive criticisms for me that would be great. Thanks for taking a look!
    0_1463274943686_Dave Merchen-Fortune Cookie.jpg

  • I like it, though I'm a bit confused why the whale seems happy to be there.

  • SVS OG

    @DMerchen Welcome to the SVS forums! - i like how you handled your fortune - the whale seems to be doing very well for himself 🙂 Anyways you are looking for critique so i thought i would share a couple of things - i think for this image i would love to see you paint out your lines that define the edge of the whale - same for the lemon and straw - also there is a tangent where the whale's mouth and the lemon become the same line - that would be a quick fix - there is a very sharp edged bit of landscape that is way in the background (because it is behind blurry cacti) because it is so sharply defined it pops right to the front of the canvas and flattens the image - i think if you fuzz the edges of those bands it will help show the depth you want - i think having the ellipses on the straw follow the form a tiny bit more would be worth looking at too - and lastly i love the script... is that your hand writing? it looks good - i think getting some space between the bottom of the "f" and the whale's head might be good - it is a nice piece for sure - look forward to your future posts

  • @Damien-Rambacher Thanks Damien! I just went with the thought that if we are handed lemons which this whale obviously has been, then you better make some lemonade. I also suffer from the fact that I can't draw anything without a smile.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks Kevin for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated!! I will definitely look into these areas to improve this illustration.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I took your advice and painted out the lines and looked at the other areas a little closer, and I definitely like the updated image better. Thanks for the critique!!
    0_1463612167912_Dave Merchen-Fortune.jpg

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