May 3rd Thursday - Fortune Cookie

  • "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"

    Ah yes. I must admit, I am anxious about posting.

    I would appreciate ANY comments, suggestions, as well as opinions as to which version works better: 1) Plainer blue background versus 2) orangey background (more lively colors).

    I think I prefer the more lively background, because I love color and complexity. And to me, the plainer background is calmer, but less exciting, but definitely easier to read. I have a tendency of mucking up my images, and "being all over the place". So I have a hard time knowing when to stop.

    Thanks for any feedback.


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    @Nancy-Gormezano I always look forward to seeing what you come up with! For me the first image reads better than the second - it is much more enjoyable to look at the first color scheme - the airplane and the tire feel like the only places to rest the eye in the second image - so i really like the first a lot better - i think for composition a couple of things pop up for me - one is the rope in the bottom left leads us off the page...this seems strange but i keep heading off that way - the animals are headed that way and so is the rope and the angled down of the end of the rope does not send us back into the image (do i sound crazy?) - the other thing is the upper left of the image - i wonder if you added a tiny bit more contrast to the plane and or scooted the moon over to the left a tiny bit if the composition would feel less centered (in a good way) - really not sure about this last thought - I did a quick cut and paste to see how it would look if you altered the rope and to give a better idea of what i was trying to say - i really like your piece though - these are just thoughts - it looks great! 0_1463254195159_Attachment-1-45.jpeg

  • @Kevin-Longueil - Thanks Kevin - I like the rope change very much! definitely feels better. I will try it out and I will also change the lighting on the plane/with bear, to bring it out more. I had my doubts about that as well, as I was unsure if I wanted the plane to look atmospherically attenuated or not . Thanks again for your thoughts.

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    @Kevin-Longueil Your style is really very unique and interesting. For this image I agree that the gray-blue background works much better. I would also advance the suggestion to take the lion away. Compositionally he is in an awkward position, that detracts from the legibility of the image. I also do not fully understand what he is doing (skating?) and he is in front of the rope but behind the pole, which makes the perspective of the image confusing. I think the image would be stronger with only the mouse and the elephant.
    Also, it seems odd that the rope is wobbling as it is. The weight of the elephant would make it taut, with the wheel of the elephant at its lowest point. Otherwise the elephant appears weightless. Maybe also her expression could be stronger - at the moment she looks mildly irritated, while actually she should be exultant....
    I love the design of the mouse, he is very funny!

  • @smceccarelli Thanks for your comments!

    Interestingly I added the lion last (so probably why it doesn't look quite right). Yes he is skating (on ice) - and yes he has just skated near the rope. Combined with the elephant (bouncing about) and lion shaking the rope, I was trying to make the rope look wobbly. I was trying to go for comic effect, and yes she is slightly annoyed, but I wasn't trying to make her look weightless. I was trying for an action moment, but didn't succeed.

    New version changes: left side rope rising, more light on plane, lighter colored bird, straightened middle rope, no lion, slightly different expression on elephant to appear prim and dainty and slightly smug. (Expression not that different, might have to change some rigging for more exaggeration).0_1463268175142_2Frame9test2web.jpg

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    I really like the last image! I would take the background a bit darker even, really make her pop! Very nice job, and love the interpretation!

  • @Lynn-Larson Thanks Lynn for suggestion.

    I darkened the background some. I also put lion back in, gave him brown shoes (hopefully makes it more obvious they are ice skates?), changed his position, made him grab rope.

    which is better: with or without lion?
    0_1463272985985_4Frame9test50rotolion4.jpg 0_1463273007916_4Frame9test50rotoNOlion4.jpg

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    You can definitely tell they are skates 🙂 I prefer it without the lion myself, he is cute though 🙂

  • @Nancy-Gormezano I love this concept! I too prefer it without the lion you just don't need it and sometimes less is more! Very nice and I love your work!!

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    @Nancy-Gormezano Hey Nancy i really like the changes you have made - i was wondering about the rope under the elephant - have you tried it with tension? i think right now i spend a bit of time wondering about the rope when i'm looking at the image - i did another quick cut and paste to show what i was thinking - hope you don't mind 🙂0_1463346212679_Balance.jpeg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks again. Yup. The rope bothered me too. The straight rope looks better...but I also put the side rope back to straight as well. Also made elephant head tilt more, I thought it made a better action line, a tad more dynamic. 0_1463369256632_7Frame9test50rotoWEB.jpg

  • Tried hand rendering to give a more scribbled, spontaneous feel. I think I like it better.0_1463460849270_7Frame9test25roto7paintedWEB.jpg

  • @Nancy-Gormezano Oh my I love it, great job!!!! I love the colors and the cloud is beautiful!! This should be your new look!!!!

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    @Nancy-Gormezano I think you are really onto something with the hand rendering work. It adds so much charm to your piece, I really like it!

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    @Nancy-Gormezano You've had great advice already, I agree with the choices and changes you've made...and I also love the hand-scribbled look, it is very charming and would love to see you explore it further! I wanted to pop in here even before this latest version, to say it really shows that you've given the previous round of advice in the other thread a lot of thought and I think this is definitely great progress and lovely work 🙂

  • Pro SVS OG

    I definitely like the hand-rendered style: it has charme and uniqueness! You lost some of the contrast of the previous image - maybe you can try to darken your darks and lightens your lights a little. Try playing with a levels adjustment layer in Photoshop. It is my favorite adjustment layer and I use it very often.

  • Thanks @Thrace , @Rich-Green , @Dulcie , @smceccarelli for your encouragement, and suggestions. Much appreciated!

    Simone: I wasn't liking the extreme contrast that evolved prior to "hand rendering" . But I take your point. My usual style (fine art painting) focuses on color, texture, abstraction. For this piece, I was liking the lighter, more flat look that eventually emerged. However, as with any piece, it could probably use some tweaking. I like to use levels, curves too (mainly with my photography). I tried a variety of curve shifts, etc on this piece, but eventually decided I prefer it the way it is, or perhaps even lighter! (feels more "air"-ey to me). Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.

  • @smceccarelli I take it back...I don't know what I'm talking about, I tried out levels again, but this time used it with a mask to just bring out some highlights. I like this better. Thanks again for the suggestion0_1463542079693_7Frame9test25roto7paintedtextvariationselevelsWEB.jpg

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    I agree with the others, the hand rendered look makes a world of difference, this is looking great!

    I've been curious about your process. It looks like you're rendering from a 3d app to start? What are you using if that is the case?

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    Woah! I think you have nailed it with the last image!! You still have your bright colors, and it is just fun! great job!!

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