The yukky stage

  • thanks for all your advice, I tried to keep them in mind as I progressed
    I've worked mainly on the background and middle ground there. next is the group "mice-armchair-lamp", and refine lighting and soft and hard edges
    as for getting past the yukky stage block, I really forced myself to stop thinking and JUST DO IT, ffs! ^_^ Let's hope it will pay in the end

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    I think your painting is lovely. I think maybe it's just the composition. That open door is probably a key point in the story, otherwise it wouldn't be open. So maybe it needs to be shown. It is drawing a huge amount of attention in the image. If it's not totally needed in this spread, consider a closer crop. His leg being cut is still problematic, but I think this makes for a much more intimate scene and still leaves room for the type.


  • I think your details are coming along great! I like what Lee has to say about the cropping... can't wait to see this one finished!

  • Personally I never feel like I get past the yukky stage until I'm about an hour from completing a picture. I think you just have to stick with it.
    Sometimes I'll look at it later and think- urghh what have I done though. Difficult thing to answer.

  • @Lee-White, I finally have time to reply
    that door and bright light were bothering me too. I had thought about cropping it, but was afraid the composition might be too centered then... like it was in my initial sketch
    or else, I have thought of toning down the focus on the door by making the light softer and showing what's outside that door
    what would you say works best?
    cropped (but not as much as you did)
    or showing what's outside the door

    ps: my initial sketch was like this 0_1464170533032_essai 1 value.jpg

  • I think I have a preference for the second solution...

  • This is looking really nice 🙂 I agree the second solution is good.

  • I think they are both strong images. i also like the detail you have put in the door way. well done

  • the detail on the floor and the rug, all awesome... are you going to put any more detail into the mice? I like the one with the door open and the detail outside... maybe you can put an acorn out there on the floor next to the table...

  • thanks! I'll go with the second one then.
    I think I might soften and warm up the lighting a bit though
    yes, Russ, I haven't started the mice yet 😉

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    There is something about the head on the first one that doesn't sit right. It kind of looks like the head i sattached to the neck wrong-if that makes sense but, since you're using the second one, it doesn't really matter. Both of them are really cute but, I do think the second composition looks better. I really like the colors you've used too. Looks so warm and cozy 🙂

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    @audrey-dowling Looks great.

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