Applying what I've learned at SVS

  • I drew this last night and applied some of the things I learned in Jake Parker’s How to Ink course, Will Terry’s IPad Pro Painting with Procreate course and Dave Malan’s Drawing Fundamentals Course.


  • SVS OG

    Looking cool! It can be hard to simplify an image to just black and white, but you did it very nicely.

  • Another illustration done in Procreate with some blocked in colours in PhotoShop. I didn't notice my inks were on the same layer as my pencils so it's not quite as clean as it ought to be, but I don't think it's that noticeable. 🙂


  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Very nice Stuart. keep 'em coming!

    You may want to address how you lay in your blacks in an illustration like this one. They appear a bit splotchy and the directional lines and edges call attention to themselves. Think about grouping black shapes and also think about the direction of the edges. Avoid having that round photoshop brush look. Here's a quick paint over grouping your blacks a bit more.


  • Thanks Lee, that's very helpful! I had started trying to feather the edges of the black but that ended up looking off (not like metal) so I changed it to what you see above. I agree the rounded PhotoShop brush doesn't look right and I like how you changed it.

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