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  • Hey Everyone

    I have been really struggling with my fortune cookie prompt. The prompt is "You are cautious of showing your true self".

    I came up with loads of ideas but I am not sure which one(s) to take further.
    0_1462811252042_2016-05-09 11.00.412.jpg

    So my ideas are as follows from left to right and down:

    -day of the dead decorated skull underneath the face
    -skeleton shown underneath
    -soul shown alongside body imagining that the soul is the true self
    -person looking in a mirror and seeing there true self
    -true self under that water and normal above the water
    -image bubble filled with imagination and images
    -line up of similar people with one person different maybe hidden or subtly
    -side profile in black and white showing a coloured brain inside the head
    -person with a wake of imaginative images and colours
    -person giving a speech with two sets of notes - black and white ones they are saying and coloured ones that there true self wants so say.

    Which ideas do you think a worth looking into more?

    Thank you

  • I like the idea of the skull. It could also be a mask decorated like that, that is hiding the true self. When I read cautious of showing I get the impression of something hidden and looking around or peeking to see if it's safe to 'relax' and be themselves.

  • @sarahelliott489 that's a really interesting fortune.

    I immediately thought of a young medusa looking on as some humans (or maybe other monsters) played. She has a longing look on her face but she knows she can't show them her face otherwise they'll be turned to stone.

    just an idea.

  • SVS OG

    @sarahelliott489 Hello Sarah - this one stands out for me "line up of similar people with one person different maybe hidden or subtly" - i know you are not looking for ideas but when i read this i pictured the line up of people possibly at a large table all with similar faces - one of the "people" is very obviously wearing a mask that looks like the other folks - this person is huge and hairy and a bit friendly monster- ish but is fitting in because of the mask - the other people do not seem to notice he is an enormous monster because of the tiny little mask he is wearing - thats what i pictured when i read it - sounds like a very cool image - anyways just wanted to share that thought - good luck with your fortune!

  • SVS OG

    I agree it's a really interesting prompt! You have a lot of great ideas to illustrate it too. It seems like everyone is picking out different ones, it's going to be a tough decision! Personally I'm drawn to the idea of the reflection showing the true self, and/or a person with wake of imaginative images and colours. Have you seen this image of the cat and tiger? It's a pretty familiar one but same concept and you could definitely take inspiration using a person instead.


    The image which comes to my mind, is one of a businessman/woman walking in the rain, seen from the's all grey and dull above the horizon...but within the puddle is a colourful reflection of who they'd really like to be.

    Whichever you go with, I think imaginative use of colour would really help sell the concept - eg using dull/desaturated colours for the person, and bright/colourful ones for the soul within. I think this could be really exciting in so many different ways. Will be great to see where you take this!

  • Not that this helps you at all, but I really love the idea of half of you above and below the water. That's such a unique idea! Good luck narrowing it down.

  • Right I went with the day of the dead theme and masks in the end. I could have done so many different ones with this prompt!

    0_1463142889866_2016-05-13 07.16.3432.jpg

    It looks a little scary at the moment but with the colours in it looks better. 0_1463142913164_2016-05-13 13.31.412.jpg

    Anyone have a preference for which colours to use?

  • SVS OG

    @sarahelliott489 Very cool 🙂 I think the purples are great, but that's me hehe. i would suggest using all purples in back, and use the main character in the red/oranges...make her stand out from the rest in the back 🙂

  • Hi Thanks for the help. I liked the purples too but added a bit more blue. This is where I am at now.

    0_1463472266764_2016-05-17 09.02.392.jpg

    I am at the stage where I don't like it but I have some time tonight to make some more corrections.

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