May 3rd Thursday

  • I would love some input on ways to improve this image. Could it use something more? It seems so simplistic compared to others' wonderful ideas. Any thoughts?0_1462638900322_snow globe2.jpg

  • I am unclear on the shot the squirrels are taking...

  • @Russ-Van-Dine The squirrels inside the snow globe took a shot at finding the nut and the one on top did not so he got nothing.

  • SVS OG

    @Thrace Hello Thrace - good to see you again! - have not seen you or Naroth in a while - i did a quick cut and paste to show what i was thinking - i did have a moment where i was not sure if they were in a snow globe - i think some highlights and some snow would really help solidify that idea 🙂 0_1462679553964_Attachment-1-43.jpeg

  • @Kevin-Longueil that does look much better but I don't know if the concept works. I thought maybe the snow globe doesn't make sense. What do u think?

  • SVS OG

    @Thrace i tried to think of ways you could suggest that the squirrels had dug from outside into the snow globe - i thought of a wide shot that showed the outside of the house where they first started digging - i thought of a map with an x inside a house or snow globe shape in one of the squirrels hands - then i wondered how you could better show that the sad squirrel decided not to go with them - that is hard to come up with - would it work better if the sad squirrel was outside of a window looking in or if he was outside playing on his iPhone unaware of the shot he missed - these are not great ideas i know - but is a hard one you have there - you could call this one good and work out some other thumbnails until you feel great about one - my goal for this month was to really like the composition before i started painting (i was all over the place last month trying to make a composition work around a face i had drawn and liked ) - i would leave your painting up here though - you are bound to get some good feedback - anyways i'm kind of rambling - second time today 🙂 I think posting a series of thumbnails on the forum is really one of the best ways to go - i would not have sat down and come up with my image that morning if everyone had told me that they liked the ones i had already come up with - but to answer your question does the snow globe make sense i would say that it does through inference - i figured it out by the evidence - anyways sorry about the ramble - good to talk to you again

  • @Kevin-Longueil I was really thinking that the snow globe was just that a snow globe and the squirrels are not real. That it's just an item in the store. Oh well thanks for the advice!

  • SVS OG

    Your squirrels are lovely! It’s a nice image, but I think your instincts are right though about the snow globe…my own thoughts (and please ignore them if you don’t agree!) ..are that it doesn’t quite match the text. To me, the phrase ‘You will miss 100% of the shots you never take’ is a phrase about being afraid of failure, or not making enough effort to take those shots. But here, the poor squirrel on the outside of the snow globe, he looks like he really wanted to be part of the acorn-digging party, but he was prevented from trying by an outside force which wasn’t his fault. So I rather feel sorry for him, not being able to join in.

    But here’s another thought…in the first few seconds of looking at this, I thought it was about golf - I read the text, saw the spades and before my brain worked out that they were spades I thought of golf clubs. But golf playing squirrels could work here - a sporting-type concept could play much better, so to speak… I mean golf is pretty difficult and most of the shots you take are going to miss….but if you never hit any balls at all you’ll never win anything. So (and again please ignore if you don’t like - just an idea)…you could have a squirrel playing golf using an acorn instead of a could be fun giving them golfing trousers and so on 🙂 And maybe there could be lazy squirrels in the background who can’t be bothered and are just at the golf course for the refreshments etc - and they’re missing 100% of the shots because they’re not trying.

    Apologies if this sounds negative, it’s not meant to be at all - I know you can create a lovely finish on your art so it’s definitely worth getting the concept right. Do keep us updated!

  • @Dulcie you are absolutely right! What great advice!! I am going to do exactly that concept and thank you for putting so much thought into it. I understood my concept but I guess it doesn't translate well to others and I can see now that it's too sad. Thanks again!!

  • I like the second picture that makes it look more like a snowglobe. I think maybe the squirrel outside of the globe could be leaning up against the side with a yawn trying to look like he doesn't care. The moment I might choose inside the globe is a little after they found the acorn and they are getting ready to eat it with great gusto! Dulcie always has great ideas, she has helped me a number of times. Thumbnails, take the advice of the forum and then move forward, showing some of your work until you get a great approach, then begin to finish. I am learning to wrk tihs way and it is beginning to work for me.

  • SVS OG

    @Thrace AH! seems obvious now 🙂

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