May 3rd Thursday

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    I ended up getting a box of fortune cookies online as it was easier than finding one nearby... opened the first one which read 'Your lucky number 4 will be knocking at your door'. I thought hmm, tricky. I was too curious too see what more of them I ended up opening six 🙂


    I got another identical fortune, some weird decent one which read 'Age is a state of mind'....then the last one simply said 'You love Indian food'...which I took as a message that I should stop opening fortune cookies and stick with the first one I opened.

    ...which I would do, except I don't like any of my ideas for the first fortune 😞 But I'll share them here anyway...


    'Your lucky number 4 will be knocking at your door'. Here someone down on their luck is sitting in darkness surrounded by unpaid bills and despair. He doesn't know that someone from Channel 4 TV station is about to knock on his door to present him with a huge cheque for a prize win.


    'Your lucky number 4 will be knocking at your door'. This is about a lucky 4th cat, pawing at the door, wanting to be adopted. I was trying to work out an illustration using lucky animals....but the reason I don't like this particular idea is that it's effectively giving a fortune of 'you will shortly acquire a 4th cat' which is only really relevant for people who have three cats already.


    'Your lucky number 4 will be knocking at your door'. I thought lucky number four could be a fourth child...hence the stork bringing a baby to the door. But again this is only really relevant if you've got 3 kids already, and I haven't worked those children into the composition yet, to show that the stork is bringing a fourth. So I'm not really enthusiastic about this idea either.

    So - I tried one for 'Age is a state of mind'..and I like it better.


    Age is a state of mind
    An old lady is entering the Tour de France race - her two cats hang on for dear life, while a surly Frenchman glares as she overtakes him.

    Thoughts/feedback on which idea I should pursue - or if you have better ideas for the number 4 one! - would be very welcome...

  • I like the old lady and you have to put her on an old rusty bike...
    with a horn and basket, etc.

  • I like the old lady too! Cute!!

  • Definitely the old lady! And I love @Russ-Van-Dine idea!

  • Loving the old lady!

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    @Russ-Van-Dine @Thrace @NoWayMe @Anda-Ansheen Thank you everyone for your feedback! I'm so relieved not to have to do the ideas I didn't like 😉 ...and I will definitely do @Russ-Van-Dine 's suggestion of making it old and rusty with horn and basket! Thanks again - will keep you posted 🙂

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    @Dulcie Great approach - and I really love the cat lady bike rider! So glad you are going to be moving forward with that one!

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    I like the old cat lady as well, made me laugh!

  • I actually really like the stork idea! It made me smile. But I'm a fan of old ladies, so that one I loved.

    I should have thought about trying to get a box of fortune cookies online, I've been struggling with this challange cause I haven't been able to find fortune cookies where I live (Stavanger, Norway). But in the end I found a website that tells you your fortune, so that will have to do 😉

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    @Camila-Barrera-Daza Ah I wondered where other people were getting theirs from... I think they must not be so popular over here. If I had known I would have offered to open some of my remaining cookies for you...though you've probably done better to use a website, because my box seems to have some quite random ones! Glad you've got something to work with now.

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    Well here's where I'm at so far...only got the one version of the sketch which I know isn't ideal...but I'm out of ideas for how to alter the composition in any significant way. I'm hoping to give myself time to focus on style and finishing with this piece, so I'm not too worried...but any critique would be welcome.

    Here's the linework:


    And with value (and more bikes)


    Actually looking at it I remember I need to fix the hands.

  • love it!

  • SVS OG

    @Dulcie - hey Dulcie, looking good! Three little things popped into my head that would be super easy changes if you thought they had value - the first would be overlap - I would love to see some overlap of the 2 main bikes - this would define where they are in relation to one another very well and let us know if she is pulling ahead of or gaining on the angry bicyclist - you could overlap slightly and increase the size of the woman to show that she is pulling ahead if that is your intent (you would have to change where the bicyclist is looking too) - next thing I thought of was cropping the right side of the composition - maybe this would not be so easy with the kitty and the pendant though.... just seems like the cat is super important because of where he is... I keep ending up on him when looking at the composition instead of the lady - last thing I thought was I would love to see the angry guy looking surprised, bewildered, or impressed - I think it might give it a nicer feel - these are just thought of course 🙂 looks good the way it is!

  • @Dulcie Love this concept! (I'd be funny to see the basket overflowing with cats - almost obstructing her view.) My only observation with the value is you have the angry guy with the strongest value contrast giving him more of a focal point. I'd give the lady more contrast and have him gray on gray.

    Sorry I didn't chime in sooner. Just finish my book dummy then strained my back. Ugh!

  • SVS OG

    This is super fun! I really love the old lady drawing, great energy and expression, and the cat in the front is adorable.

    I agree with @Kevin-Longueil about a look of surprise or astonishment on the guy's face, I think it would add a nice touch. I also think the guy's arms look a bit too short. Adding a cat or two like @Katrina-Fowler suggested would push it to be more over the top if you're going for that, I could see one on her back or in her basket.

    Not sure what you'll do with the background, but adding some blurred horizontal lines could help make it feel like speed.

  • SVS OG

    Wow, you all give amazing feedback - thank you!!

    @Kevin-Longueil Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful feedback! I think you make really good points and I will definitely change the expression on the angry cyclist, as you and @natiwata say it would be nicer. Great point! I also agree with the idea of overlap - when I read it I thought 'ah yes!'...though I've been trying to make it work this afternoon and having trouble arranging it so that the cyclist's head doesn't get too close to the cat/basket...tricky....but the process of trying to use your feedback I think is resulting in a tighter composition - I've made the lady slightly bigger, done some tweaks and cropped on the left side instead. Thanks again!

    @Katrina-Fowler Thanks very much for your feedback, glad you like it! Great points again - I see what you mean about the value. I will certainly try to give the cyclist less contrast as you suggest. Great to hear that you've finished your book dummy... hope your poor back gets better soon.

    @natiwata Thanks very much for some great suggestions! Now that you point it out I can see what you mean about the arms being too short - will fix that. I will also change the cyclist's expression and I love the idea both of an extra cat on her back, and adding blurred lines. Thanks so much!

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    Well here is my finished piece..I tried several different techniques with the finish, to see which ones worked and which ones didn' I'm curious to try them with another piece now.

    I did really want to add an extra cat sitting on her back, unfortunately I didn't have time. But I tried to follow as much of the advice as possible. All out of creative energy now!


  • wonderful, beautiful, and delightful! ... again...(drat you!)

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    Thanks @Nancy-Gormezano ...and btw, it was great to see your piece in the spotlight last night 🙂

  • @Dulcie Thanks - sorry I missed seeing it live - I tried to watch video and got the gist of what they suggested and critiqued but it was just too difficult to watch currently. I hope they get the video/audio sync fixed. Would love to really see it and be able to watch the rest of the video to study it more closely.

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