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    I would love your feedback on my idea.
    A couple are having dinner in a Chinese restaurant. While her date is in the restroom she reads her fortune cookie which influences her thoughts when her date returns. Here are some of my concerns: Do the values read correctly? Are the character's necks too skinny? Does the plate with the fortune cookies stand out enough? Can you tell that you are looking through a window to the background? Does it make sense? What would you do differently before I go to paint?

    I got my fortune cookie from a website that sells "Unfortunate Cookies".

  • SVS OG

    Hi @Bronson! Your sketch is great! I love your sketchy style and the effort you've put into getting the characters to come across, especially the lecherous guy 🙂

    To answer your questions - to me yes it does come across that we're looking out of a window to see the background, though I'd try hard to make sure it doesn't dominate when you go to finish...it's beautifully drawn but you will also want it to recede..could lighten the values overall back there to do that. I think the value overall is really good though, with the foreground diners/curtains etc being so much darker.

    I also like that you've got the focal point with the highest contrast, that really works to draw the eye to the lady.

    The main thing I would possibly do differently (and this is personal opinion of course!) is that I would consider moving the lady a little further away from the lecherous guy, so that he is attempting to kiss her rather than kissing her right now. At the moment he's smooching her and she's looking kinda vacant - would be good to see her a bit more expressive. Whereas if he were about to smooch her, she could be looking disgustedly at him and leaning away to avoid it... that would save you having to draw a kissing/not wanting to be kissed scene which might be a bit too much. Part of me is going 'don't let him kiss you, girl, if you don't want it!'...and I'm starting to think about that rather than the aesthetics of your beautifully drawn scene! I mean, maybe he's just kissing her goodnight on the cheek rather than angling for more?...but it's hard to tell with a single picture. So I'd think about how you want that to come across. But don't get me wrong, it is great and will look forward to where you take it next 🙂

  • I laughed when I saw this. Great job catching what the fortune cookie is all about... I like everything about the guy! I think you could stretch her neck back and angle her head away... but that is a small point, great job!

  • @Dulcie Thanks for the help! I actually wasn't going for "lecherous" when I drew the male character, but rather I was hoping for more of a "hayseed" kind of look. So perhaps I have missed that mark. But I think lecherous might work too.
    I tilted the woman's head so our guy is only trying to kiss her now. I also experimented with lightening the background as you suggested and I like both changes much better. THANKS again. Here's the new version.
    0_1462554564111_bronsondecker sketch 1b.jpg

  • @Russ-Van-Dine THANKS for the help, Russ!

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