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    I'm trying to set up my template for my children's book and I have a question about the double page spread dimensions. So a single page 8.5"x 11" with 1/4" bleed all the way around at 300 DPI comes in at 2700px wide by 3450px tall. Now when I go to a double page spread do I just double that, and figure for 1/4" bleed in the middle of the page where they come together? Or do I only figure for the 1/4" bleed on the outer dimensions of the double page spread? Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    So are you asking if you need to have bleed in the gutter?

    Thats a pretty good question actually.... one I've never thought to ask. I've only ever thought about putting bleed around the outer edges. I would imagine when working with an art director they would be able to give you pretty specific instructions about what kind of bleed they'll need... I have no idea what the standard is.

    So basically I'm just taking a long time to say "I don't know" :-j.

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    Yeah, I'm trying to get a book pretty close to finish and try to sell I have no art director. So I'm not really sure how to figure the total dimensions on a double page spread or if I have to figure out extra space in the gutter area.

  • Typically a printer will set up to print spreads. So your layout will be 17x11 and a 1/4 inch bleed will make the total work area 17.5 x 11.5. You shouldn't need to plan on 1/4 bleed at the gutter.

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    Thank you very much;)

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    @evilrobot Definitely no bleed at the gutter. The printer will print the whole spread on one sheet of paper (actually, depending if it is offset or digital print, it will print up to 8 spreads on one sheet of paper), so there is no cutting at the gutter - hence no bleed.
    As somebody who crash-learned print design, I recommend a small booklet called "Know your Onions - graphic design" for pragmatic tips and guidelines around layout, color spaces, etc...

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    @smceccarelli Thanks for the recommendation will definitely pick that book up.

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