April 3rd Thursday

  • Any critique is helpful 😃

  • SVS OG

    I think it's a cool image. I'm not sure about the composition? You have that empty spot in the middle and everything seems to be leading me out of the image. I'm interested to see what others think because I like the image a lot...so not sure if it's a bad composition or not?

  • Your stylization is really fun, piktorash! You've got design down pat. Well done!

    My reading of your image is that Magic Corp girl has landed in Hopeless Land with a gigantic tool to help her fix something. Is there a way to incorporate into the picture what needs fixing? It would help us readers if you set out a clue or two so we know what this problem is and how her tool will get the job done.

    Another thought is to work for a more balanced approach to your use of colors. (This is something I've had to work a lot on, too.) Your color scheme is working fairly well and I notice that you've put warm colors up front and cooler in back. But I feel like there's so much saturated color throughout the whole image that it's hard for my eyes to have a place to rest and truly see what you want me to. One way you could achieve this is to tone down the yellowness of the sand and the blueness in the sky.

    Oh and I just noticed your cool border. It's a great touch! Take or leave whatever I've said and good luck!

  • @evilrobot if you are not sure then certainly it is not a good enough composition :D... Agree with you, I should have made Lucy bigger for perspective and composition's sake...
    @Timbdsf for the first thing I tried to relate the girl's suit to the broken Motorcycle in the back, by using some common chromatic and the small company symbol... but I guess it was to subtle. And about the colors, you are right, it s a bit hard on the eye now that you mentioned it... thanx a lot 😃

  • The problem with composition IMHO is that everything happens on the border and everything leads you OUT of the picture. You want to lead the viewver to the important parts, like the character, the tool, the broken thing. The masters can lead the viewers eyes so that they bounce around the picture as the artists wants.
    If I look at you picture it immeadiately leads me out, then I have to go back, look at something else and again it leads me out.


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