3rd Thursday April - magic show

  • Got an idea so I decided to participate late in the game. Lucy's magic show gets out of hand but she has a cork for the hat so everything should be okay...

    Any suggestions before I move on?


  • @gimmehummus love the concept, I'm not sure how close to the house the person in the back is but they appear really big perspective wise in general. The chairs perspective/distance might need a quick look as well.
    I'd say if possible try removing the house and moving the person half out of frame, into the frame and see how that looks.
    Personally I don't think the house gives as much to the story, other then being an outdoor setting, where the interaction with rabbits and people say much more. You could even try shrinking the size of the house even as see.
    Either way I love the concept and story.

  • Funny idea. I like it a lot. I think the adults running away, add a couple more... but have the kids actually catching them and laughing... this is pretty awesome and could bring home the bacon. Great job.

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