3rd Thursday - Lucy's Mild Peril - CRITIQUE please

  • I was wondering if some of you fine folks would chime in on this piece that I am whipping up for the 3rd thursday challenge.
    What works, doesn't work etc. I sure would appreciate constructive feedback.

  • I like the idea, is it after she's fixed the BIG problem? There's something that could be air coming out but lucy is looking opposite to where something is already fixed.
    The 2 lines of clouds near the bottom I feel would look better broken up and not singles lines
    or even move one to the opposite side in the water.
    Another option would be to make the clouds cover the water area as if it was lower level clouds and might provide an area for text too.

  • SVS OG

    I think it looks really nice. Very cool how you have the clouds trailing along the mountains. I do agree that a spurt of air leaking out towards where she's looking would add a little something to the piece. Great work.

  • SVS OG

    I like this piece a lot! - the landscape is interesting - the clouds are interesting - the balloon and Lucy are interesting - this looks like the moment after the fix to me - which I think is ok to do - there is definitely a "how did she get up there" element - she is sitting in the box so I can imagine her standing on her tippy toes to fix the wing while pulling down on the rope too - a very tense situation - so I like it the way it is but think the air escaping ideas are good ones too - there are a couple things I would like to see happen to see if looks better or not - first is I would like to see the image cropped so Lucy was in the bottom right focal point and the balloon eye was in the top left focal point (rule of thirds idea) just to see how it looks - if that is not good I think a better idea would be to increase the scale of Lucy and the balloon so we do not loose the cool clouds and the mountains you have made - I think too the way the mountain is menacing the balloon on the upper left is a focal point to me at the moment - it seems important but also seems at odds with the feel of the rest of the composition - I think the nose of the balloon and the pointy top of that mountain keep calling me back - lastly I think the lake is cool but I think the way the mountains transition into it does not feel quite right - maybe a hint of shoreline would help - or maybe a valley with a quaint village instead? - anyways those are my thoughts and I just tried to include whatever came to mind because you said "critique please" - but really it looks great to me - these ideas are just things I would like to try if it were my image - really great job Bob

  • Wow, that's beautiful! I especially love Lucy, the balloon, and her magic toolbox. You do really well with your sense of style and bringing life to your picture. I agree with the others that it might heighten the drama to add that little bit of steam.

    I'm also wondering if you could add some kind of texture throughout. It looks great as is, but it might make it even more amazing and a little less digital-looking if you added that. Again, great work!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Great work, agree with the other crits. I also think the weight bag is in moving forward with the balloon vs trailing behind it.

  • @Kevin-Longueil , @Timbdsf , @evilrobot , @Rich-Chabot - Thank you for chiming in on the piece! I sure will get into some of these changes and, indeed, have already done some of them.
    Many, many thanks.

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