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    Hi Jonathan, Great to see your stuff here. Welcome aboard!

    In regards to your predicament, I would like to suggest some things. I don't think you need to spend any time giving feedback right now. And you don't need to be trying to push your own work forward either. You are in the perfect spot for an "artist vacation". What do you do on an artist vacation? You do the same thing as a normal vacation. You SEE stuff, you experience work as a viewer, not as an artist.

    So that basically means looking around. Online is ok, but you may want to hit up local art galleries and museums. See what work is drawing you in. Then figure out why it's drawing you in. Look at artists who are where you want to be (both professionally and artistically) and see what they are doing right.

    The next step is to do some copies of some of these artists. Try to incorporate what they did well into what you are doing. Don't worry about feeling like you will be a clone of them. That rarely (if ever) happens.

    While you are looking at how other artists are working, look at what they are drawing. Pinups are nice, but they have been done a MILLION times before and honestly, it will be hard to move your career forward with that subject matter. Now, can you come up with a different twist for pin ups? If so, maybe that would be a good direction to go in. Or, think about why pinups are the thing that you are interested in. Can that genre be taken further? BTW- if you REALLY want to just draw pinups, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Keep drawing them and enjoying the process. It will be hard to make a career of that, but there is no rule that everything has to drive your professional life.

    If you do want to move past pin ups, I would think about your own life and interests. How can you use that as your inspiration and show some of who YOU are. Sexy girl paintings just scratch the surface. Go deeper and think about what might be more meaningful and lasting subject matter. What stories would you like to tell. How will you tell them? This is where you will see massive growth.

    Good luck in your process. Enjoy looking at new art and enjoy the new discoveries you are about to make! : )

  • @Lee-White thanks for the feedback! What you're saying makes sense, and it actually kind of mirrors an article I read just earlier today so there must be something to it. Even my wife said I might need to get away from actually trying to make my own work for a while and take in some new inspiration.

    That's three sources saying the same thing, so it must be time to act on that advice, and try doing some master studies instead of constantly searching within for ideas. I do have a couple of character design jobs I'd been paid to do already, but after they're done, it's time to refresh.

    Thanks again.

  • A coworker asked me to doodle up a pic of Prince. I never really do likenesses so I thought I'd try something different. She liked it.0_1462327996517_3Prince large.png

  • I'm taking in new sources of inspiration and trying different things. This kind of popped in my head and I just had to draw it. It has at least something more going on than 'cute girl for its own sake'...

  • @Jonathan-A.-Price This I love. She looks like a powerful woman who is in charge of something important. I wouldn't want to mess with her no matter how "cute" she is.

  • @Leslie-Walker thank you! For a time I used to be all about making strong and beautiful female characters... Not sure when I lost sight of the strong part, but I'm getting my groove back.

  • Thought I'd share the full color version of the Rider girl I drew last week. Someone critiqued that I need to pay attention to the values and I'm kind of inclined to agree, but I couldn't figure out how to keep the steam effect as powerful as it turned out while trying to create a greater sense of contrast.
    0_1463076787114_Rider upload.png

  • Long time no post. Been working on a 100-somethings project, decided to focus on doing 100 unique fantasy women. Meanwhile, been re-watching Lee White's Making Money in Illustration videos, trying to figure out where my work fits and what I might need to change in order to enhance my business.

    0_1467247638258_Smasher upload.jpg

    0_1467247496930_Hunter upload.png

  • Hey man, I am really enjoying the work you are posting! I can't offer too much feedback because honestly I am still not good enough at drawing people to give advice but keep it up.

    I hope to see more of your stuff in the future! 😃

  • @Jack-B hey, thanks! It's all good, I appreciate you checking out my work. I'm sure it's pretty hard to provide feedback when disciplines are so very disparate from one another. I'm just sharing and basically trying to improve with every piece. I am really just looking at what others are creating in my journey to figure out where my art belongs...if anywhere.

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